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5/5/2007 c1 1Mermaiddiver
ha. ha-ha.

that was funny.


i like Eleanor's personality- very witty and smart-alacey. (are they the same thing?)

well, anyway, i like your style of writing and your story!
4/23/2007 c2 7Writing my page
Good, I like this but in the first chapter i think you overplayer the virgin thing... alot
3/27/2007 c11 2Tigeress Moon
When is she going to find out about her father?
3/11/2007 c11 3young-e89
Awesome story!
2/28/2007 c11 meechiyel
*drools* must have more
2/14/2007 c11 2Simple Thoughts
This story is awesome. Pleasse update soon!
2/1/2007 c11 12Jade Elf
Thats it, ahh you had to stop there didnt you. This story is awesome you compleatly have to write more. I love the charecters and the plot.
1/19/2007 c11 1BattleLust
I just read all of what you had up. It is so good! I can't wait till you post more of your book up! Write more ASAP!

Laugh Always,

Battle Lust
12/15/2006 c11 meechiyel
11/30/2006 c11 Kara
WOO! I cant wait for the next one, I love this story! :D
11/12/2006 c11 atreyu love
haha, i love the ending with the phoenix and the father thing :D
11/12/2006 c10 atreyu love
this story pretty much rocks :D
11/11/2006 c11 4tabiscus
oh my gosh i love this story! and i really really like the way you describe things too. and your characters. its funny too, and i like funny. plz post soon!
11/11/2006 c4 atreyu love
11/11/2006 c1 atreyu love
sweet :D
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