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7/21/2006 c8 2Wena61
Finally something is happening between Lord Silver and Eleanor. Woohoo! It was only a matter of time. Can't wait to see what happens next. Sorry about your cat attacking you, mine does it all the time, but only to me.
6/18/2006 c8 chibbs
if you have time: UPdate!
6/10/2006 c8 RandomPerson13
i decided that i wasn't going to review twice again, but its been 2 months! and i feel compelled. Update!
5/30/2006 c8 toodles
update your story, you bum.
5/30/2006 c8 jukes
...Im not sure if you know this, but on this site your not allowed to wait longer than a erm..month to update. lol, yes so I am fibbing through my teeth! i just want to know what is going to happen with Eleanor and the S-man! keep it up, its a great story!
5/2/2006 c8 twilights aura
::whistles:: Nice job! ;D Though the ending of this last chapter was just a TAD confusing. But I hope you update soon! Dx ::leaves her luff::
5/1/2006 c8 2alexa-xox
WOW...im sorry nits been ages since i've reviewed this story! it is really good! I liked the last few chapters...they were really well written! Silver...who else is de competition? PLEASE UPDATE SOON! alexa xox
4/24/2006 c8 ravinehunter
update soon.
4/19/2006 c8 itsybitsyspyblur
update quickly before my brain turns to mush...no. teehee.
4/19/2006 c8 6peoplers
love the story. it's super cool. keep up the good work!
4/19/2006 c8 chibbs
o! Silver's got some com-pe-ti-tion! lmao, of course I still want Silver and Eleanor to get together but a little competition is always fun...keep it up!
4/17/2006 c8 heythereperson
i love your story but you should update sooner...i'm on tenterhooks to see what happens next!
4/16/2006 c8 1Professor Curly
Hehehe... Awesome. You have a unique style, your voice is very good in this peice.

Tell you what. A friend of mine from a website called Armored Core Online (ACO) has recently started a forum called Creative Visions. We are a forum based site dedicated to the expression of art, literature, and flash/animation as well as giving and recieving comments and critiques thereof and since it's forum based you can actually discuss different points with your reviewers.

Why don't you drop by and check it out, and if you like what you see, join. Here's the link:

http:/s9. invisionfree. com /Creative_Visions/ index. php ? act = idx

Just take out the spaces.

Hope to see you there.
4/16/2006 c8 blah
Thanks for updating! Took you long enough...hehe. I'm just kidding. I can't wait to see how this story progresses. . . will she finally find out about her past in the next chapter? Does Lord Silver have a family? Questions I ponder...I want answers! Hope you're having a good Easter!
4/12/2006 c8 RandomPerson13
YAY! you updated! this chapter had me a little confused, but i still liked it. update soon!
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