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for Communism Explained for Young People

12/13/2005 c1 Leigh Hunt
Umm Yea... THe only reason China is doing so much better is because those economic reforms where capitalistic. People actually own something in China now.

Nice Commie propaganda, straight from the fliers. By the way, communism can never work in America. All the ghetto slum trailer park weed meth bums would actually have to get off their ass and work, and as soon as they'd figure that out they'd start a counter-revolution.
12/12/2005 c1 27Typewriter King
I'm wondering if you're using your "real voice" when writing this piece and 'The Usefulness of Economics.' Maybe. I'm not sure who you're trying to bait with this one.

The reality is communism, or, to use the collective term I like to use, "command economics," is collectivist, and therefore, not free. Moreover, the command economic system apportions the labor of the self to the collective, and as Hamilton said, "Power over a man's subsistence is power over his will." It follows that the self can't be sovereignover his own domain- for he'll have no domain- in a command economic system.

The laborer can see this, for he holds power to change his environment in the capital produced in his labor. The elitist can't see this, however, for often his power lies in the manipulation of people. Coincidentally, the vertical command structure of the economy he proposes elevates his power to manipulate people.

Now, to point out errors. Capitalist, starting with those of the Scottish Enlightenment, saw the free market as an international instrument for good- the concept of militant nationalism didn't even quite exist until the French Revolution, after all- so you're incorrect to say that globalisation is a new concept. Also, many capitalists don't see a problem in an income gap. It is argued that if I make twenty-thousand a year, and get a raise of five grand, I shouldn't be jealous if a coworker who works overtime gets a larger raise. I'm still benefiting, even if we're losing financial equality.

Despite all that, you argue for capitalism far better than you do for Christian Theology, which is a shame. Both camps would appreciate it if you'd argue your points better, rather than further inflate the caricature of Christians. Do stop that, you’re damaging a valuable facet of the culture with demagoguery. I don’t care if you’re having fun.

By the way, your writing reminds me of Ku, who has recently removed all of his works that I've reviewed. People keep doing that! It's almost as if they're trying to erase proof that I'm a frequent reviewer of things. Now I'm getting angry! Ah!
12/12/2005 c1 J.E.Wyatt
You stated your thoughts very well, and your writing evoked with an intelligent manner. Bravo!
12/12/2005 c1 17J. N. Laerasyn
Very, very good point! You seem to be a rather inteligent individual... anyway, the point you made in your first sentence (I'm assuming your thesis) was well stated, clearly prove by your facts, and also totally true! :-) It's a very ironic thing. However, one aspect of the Amercan workers' views on communism that you did not discuss (that I feel is very relevant to your point) is the distinction between Marxist communism and communism in it's original form. When most workers today think of Communism, I think what comes into their minds is marxist communism, not only in Marx and Engels theories but alos how it was put into practice. Tose two things are very different, and they are both very different than communism as a raw concept. Marx ecorporated many concepts (such as the dialectic, the necesity of a violent revolution, etc) that are not really part of the original idea of a utopian society. Also, when put into practice in places like the Soviet Union, the idea of everyon living together in an egalitarian "community" was completely perverted by people like Stalin and Lenin. These, I think, are the reasons communism is veiwed in so negative a light; this is what people think of when they say they disagree with communism, not the original idea of community itself.

I'm sure you new all that, I was just rambling. Just something I wanted to mention. Anyway, very inteligently written, overall.

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