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for A Demonic Stalker

12/14/2005 c1 18Alexander Willing
My friend, you are a horror maker! There are so many of these horror fans on this site that don't make horror, but they try to do it anyway and fail. I'm a diehard horror maker. We as makers are extremely rare in the world. There could be a million horror fans and only about twenty-five horror makers. This story of demonic invasion and pursuit is wonderful (if you think horror is wonderful, that is). I want you to read my horror story "Weeping Willows" so you can see what I mean. Can you and I keep in touch from time to time? Us horror makers have to stand together, you know? Thanks for the review!
12/14/2005 c1 7Justin Carlton
Hey. Good buildup, although it wasn't quite as scary as I would have liked. Perhaps if you hadn't given such an accurate description of the monster right away - rather, let the readers guess what's chasing him. The ending was intriguing. Keep writing.

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