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9/18/2010 c5 sarcasm is my middle name
haha, funny story :)) I fully appreciate it...
6/27/2008 c5 deep.water.diving
I'm loving this story. Though it hasn't been updated in a while i'm really hoping it will be and Save Me, Oh Brave Protector. love that too. Can't wait for an update in either, heck i would love an update in Both! Please.

Also i like how this is written with the e-mails, letter, msn chat. its nice for a change.

please update
2/24/2008 c5 RunFree
Plz continue...
4/22/2007 c5 1goodbyemylover
aww, i just read this story, and i think it's really great so far.

i know you haven't updated in a while, and i was wondering if you will be anytime soon.

I hope so, because i like it alot!
4/14/2007 c5 1noriepie

I come to make you update more!

I hate getting cliffhangers! I can't wait!

Okay, that's it. Your story is really entertaining and I think you are a very good writer. Just keep writing :)
12/22/2006 c5 3Allison Smith
I demand an Update! lol.

no. seriously. I do.

I think I Like this one better than your other at this point.

By the way, I tend to imagine Prince Ryan to look like John Barrowman only younger. yum
11/29/2006 c5 trinny
hey exams have finished so i finally got time to finnish this one.. i am embarking on the other one...

thi is quite good...i remember the other one though...what happened to that...my memory of that is very faint...i just remembered that it was also good. Tell me is the girl who Daniel bumped into at the end of chapt 5 Lora? i have a feeling..and if so y was she there? she should have offered him a thankyou lunch for returnig the organiser. hehe.

i can see our school work sneaking in and some of NIKKI in there too!

Another thing..becareful with your typing!those quick fingers of yours!

Update already...write this one and the other one...
9/16/2006 c1 2StrawberryStarburst
I started reading your story today and it seems fun so far. I like how you wrote your characters. They seem like real people. Are they based on your friends?
3/15/2006 c5 6knrvDZHDdE
I actually read this the day you posted it, since I have you on Author Alert. (I am v. lazy, sorry I haven't reviewed until now!)

Note: I loved Girl With a Pearl Earring. It was such a fabulous book - and the movie was quite good as well. I smiled inwardly when I read that - unfortunately we would never read a cool of a book as Girl With a Pearl Earring at my school. I live in the United States and we just finished Heart of Darkness... which is a great book on terms of influence and impact, but the most boring ever to read. I wish I was at Mont Blanc Academy, god.

One small criticism I have is Dan's letter to Alanna. The content's fine and everything, but the voice seems a little feminine. I know no straight guy (which is what I presume Dan is) who says "Eesh" in a letter. A lot of these onomatopoeiae (like "Eesh" and "Phew") would make sense in a conversation or maybe through IM, but not really in writing. Just two cents. :-)

Your juxtaposition of Ellora and Daniel's perspectives in the same event is so effective. I mean, hilarious. Hee-hee-hee. Lots of tension and awkward moments, which are always good. Please keep writing!
3/7/2006 c5 13Tenshistar
Super-speedily? Wow. Thats..wow. I'm speechless, well no treally. Maybe it would be typeless...Nah. Ok, enough with the funny stuff. lets get to it. Awesome fabtabulous job! YAY! I loved the chapter. I can just picture what the next chapter will be like with those last lines. Hehe. I'm giggling already. As for the nice reviews, i just write what i think you deserve. And trust me, its deserveful.(?) Is that a word? Well, for the sake of things, we'll say yes. I can't wait for the next chpater, so please update soon!
3/4/2006 c5 2Heartless Writer
I really enjoyed this chapter, especially the ending. You can do so much with that. I can't wait.

So were you inspired to write from the Open. I was watching that and learning, (I play tennis.) and man, I felt so compelled to write my own story. I was watching it all the way to the semi's. Then well, I think I know who'd win so I stopped, (but I really didn't have the time) and it turned out that I was right.

I think you should explain Marcella a little more. When you went "wedding bells" I was like "Woah, really, what?" But of course it our famous Daniel Thomas... So... Hahah.

I liked the letters between the two siblings though. I thought it was cute. Especially the whole Christmas List. But I have to say, the whole "six mintues" thing was pretty funny. At least he works hard earning it. =)

Is Ollie's sexuality that obvious? Hmm.. I've never gotten a clear picture of him in my head, maybe just a face. Actually I haven't got any of the characters' pictures in my head. =(

Hope school isn' that bad for you. Between school, bowling, AND tennis, I'm having a hard enough time doing my homework. I've only gotten out one short story. Ahh, I feel like I'm neglecting my work so. =(
3/4/2006 c2 1redgoose
I love tennis! I love stories about tennis... is it any surprise that I love your story also? nope. It's perfect!
3/4/2006 c5 randomperson
Wow, really good story! The way you interspace the letters, emails and Messenger windows and different PoV's are very interesting, makes for fun reading. I like Daniel, even though he is a bit of a manwhore. His concern for his sister's cool, and the fact that he keeps contact with his siblings is really nice.

Are you going to introduce the tennis more in this story, or will it serve as a semi-backdrop the whole way through? I think you could probably make it work it either way. I like how you're subtly introducing Lora and Daniel to each other, it's a nice touch.

Well, I think I've said all I need to say (or ramble, if that be the case), so I'll leave you with a few parting remarks; REALLY good story, and update soon! Please? *gives puppy dog look* *waves* bye!

P.S. BELFAST waitress! Go the Northern Irish! (You really can't tell I'm from Northern Ireland, can you... *sarcasm*)
3/4/2006 c5 woohoo
update soon!
3/4/2006 c5 Lindy
Love is in the air.

-sweet music swells in the air-

Hell, I probably lost my virginity to this story. ;D

-dangerous music-

Yes, well, erm, continue...? Gah, I'm such an idiot. Of course you'll continue. I meant to say, 'Update as soon as possible, beeitch or I'll shove a cork screw up your ass. You know those cork screws you use to unscrew wine bottles? Yeah ...'

-relaxed drunken wine mood music-

Your stories great. Pfft, it better be if my virginity disappeared for it.

-more dangerous music-

Where is that music coming from? Darn, it's starting to annoy me.

-... Sorry!-

Waffling on and on is fun. =D
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