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for Slave and Master, Part 2: Redemption

7/24/2012 c17 FleetingMemories
That was one of the sweetest stories I have ever read! And you have the honour of being the first person I review; not that it would be very significant, I think not. Thanks for letting them have the cutest reunion ever and hope that you have written a trilogy to this series?
3/31/2012 c17 5Arya Yamamoto
And here at last is the happily ever after i've been hoping for! Thank you so much for a wonderful story.
2/16/2012 c17 brat-a-chat
OMG that was by far the BEST story I have ever read it was sad and cute and lovely all at the same time. I am recommending this story to all my friends. All I can say now is that I loved it sooooooooo much and now I'm gonna read all your story's, so don't ever stop writing ok! 3 3
4/12/2011 c17 1moon01234
First of all, really great story. I loved it. (and the first one too.)

Only thing I've got to say (unless it's somewhere in your stories) is that where is the child? In your first novel, you mentionned many times a son that Calen has. I am not against Mpreg or slash, on the contrary, but I am curious to when the child will appear.

Great job once again.
4/19/2010 c17 1Raiya-shi
Thank you for the uploads of both part of this story! I loved them both! Wish it could go on forever but all stories must end sometime right? Well, thanks again for the upload.
11/20/2009 c17 Hettiezstar

Although, I'm not too sure whether this is the end of it, part of me wants more, although I do feel like this could be an okay ending to it :) Happily ever after and whatnot (which we all love).

So many twists and turns in this story! It's taken me quite a while to read it, but it was worth it!

I've definitely grown to love Calen and Darian as a pairing :P

It annoyed me so much that the Empire...leader? (or whatever they're called) is so nice, and yet it is filled with those snobby horrible nobles.

Alhtough, I don't think you can kill every bad noble off...because there'd be noone left...


I'm thinking to much about this haha!

I'm just glad that they're together~ and all ~happy and stuff *scrunchy nose* *squeezes their cheeks* SO CUTE!

anywhosey, definitely a favourite story of mine!
3/5/2009 c17 NyghtRayne
I have really enjoyed reading so far and i really hope that you continue, i cant wait to read more of your work but im afraid taht if i stay up all night reading again i will get it trouble with my friend...it really is good, and i wish that i could read this story again and again...infact i probably will...good luck with your stories and please dont stop writing, what ever it maybe :D

2/9/2009 c17 Phantoms Dark Harpy
OMG! I love your stories both Slave and Master parts. I hope you continue the story because I want to know what happens next. I loved the suspense but if the stories hadn't been finished when I found them then I would have begged for them to be continued. I love you're writing style, it leaves things up to my imagination on how I'd like things to look and I think that's a sign of a great author. Some things require description but others don't and I hink you do that wonderfully. I hope to see the sequal to this soon and I'm putting you on my author's alert so that I can know. You're a wonderful author and keep writing because you've got talent and it shouldn't go to waste like mine is with the number of things I write that don't get published. Use your gift person, it was given to you for a reason.
7/12/2008 c17 17JtheChosen1
gr8 story!
5/9/2008 c13 Naramyon
*jumps around excitedly* Darian must be hopping mad by now. *snickers* I almost feel sorry for him.

Your imagery has slightly improved, but only just. At least you're making up for it with interesting dialouge.

~The Critic, Zoa
5/9/2008 c7 Naramyon
Perfect cliff-hanger. *smirks*

Something isn't right. We all know that Calen is better than Syfer (Seifer. Clever substitution. lol.), and that's what I'm worried about. It doesn't feel right. Something's going to happen.

I like:

1. The world you created is fascinating. Rules, classes, etc.

2. I like how you arn't going out and telling us everything about the world, you're letting us figure it out as we go. (Maybe next you'll explain why some people have mage gifts, but other's don't.)

~The Critic, Zoa
5/9/2008 c5 Naramyon
*laughs* See? You made Calen cool!

Wonder where all of the assassins are coming from. Maybe this Nikolai is a bad person.

~The Critic, Zoa
5/9/2008 c4 Naramyon
Yay! You've given Calen more maucho(sp?). More manly now.


He knows it's you, you get your body back. He doesn't, you die.

How does that work?

You're doing a better job describing things here, though not nearly enough.

Work on it.

~The Critic, Zoa
9/23/2006 c17 2Blinking Blossom
You shall write more! You must write more! If you don't, I'll set my evil flying pink tutu wearing hippo's on you!I love this story!
8/19/2006 c17 5KageNeko
I like this as an ending better...if this is the end for you. A little vauge but, good never the less. Good job.
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