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6/22/2008 c3 3Xindlir
Awesome story! Only one thing I don't get, I don't see how Cain and Aurian are linked with each other, that's the only thing which confuses me 'coz I get the point that Cain is not realli gay :)

O.oer and I love the story continue writing and don't forget about it like some people do, lol. :D

Alex (I'm not a boy it's a nickname, lol)
6/21/2008 c2 68centuriespast
Ok is was good

But juss something I noticed:

There was no words like "aren't" "I'm" things like that

You usually jus say both words

Thats ok

But sometimes you need to use them the other way

Juss a suggestion

But a good story

]Keep it up
5/13/2008 c2 6Vampires Bane
Interesting, i'll watch it. Its very well written
9/13/2007 c2 6Pax Morgana
Hm... This has loads of promise! I hope you decide to keep writing. ^_^ I'm adding to my favorites to see where you go with it.

12/20/2005 c2 World-War-Me
This is a very interesting soty. But, what I don't get is if he's really gay or is justa rumor is brother started. Besides that. a really good story you have here.
12/20/2005 c2 PridefulShame
Hm, sound interesting. Please update soon!

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