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for Aberrant Indulgence

11/3/2007 c10 1GothBooks17
So cute and fluffy even though Dai and Keichii got raped.But its such a plushy story. Love it.
6/29/2007 c21 gerigirl
my goodness what a lovely story i'm gonnaa read it again/again that story will hold a special place for me. i love the way you went about bring them together not fast just enough for them to get to know each other and all is how a relationship shpuld be not a rush job of wham bam thank you mame (smile) hope to read more of these stories from you in the near furture.gg
4/22/2007 c10 2Queen of Subtle Darkness
WO MUFFINS! (I'll review again at the ned of the story so dw...)
2/3/2006 c4 puppy dog eyes
Greatest chapter so far. I love how Keichii is protective of Daisuke. It also seems like your story is taking a more mature turn, character and plot wise. Good job.
2/3/2006 c3 puppy dog eyes
Ah, I was going to review every two or three chapters but this chapter deserves praise. It was so cute although a little dramatic. Great job.
2/3/2006 c2 puppy dog eyes
I like the plot very much and the way you have the characters do and see things is written very well, but I wish you'd think about making Disuke and Kei more masculine. I don't think any fifteen year old boy would act like that. Other than that though it's a great story, so keep up the good work.
12/20/2005 c2 kay frost
icant believe u did the whole story in onr day. u roc, now i gotta go finish it

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