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for Omniscent Ashen Boulder Gods

12/20/2005 c1 35Strangerwithnoface
I really did enjoy this one. I can understand where you're coming from when saying it's a little weird, but weird makes it all the more better. Weird is where your ideas come from, it's what makes them grow. It's beautiful, really.

Me, being a critic, am prolly saying for once, your grammar and spelling is correct. Maybe a missing comma ^^; but maybe I read it wrong. But everything else is just... it all just flows together so well. I really do love the idea, and the way it's portrayed.

I can't say I can't relate to this, although, I dont know what I can relate it to. Well, my imagination of course, and maybe I understand the inspiration, or it could just be from my view.

"Forever more will man strive to become a mortal Everest beginning from the human valley; to stand the highest from the corporeal depths and to walk with god in his own era, and make footsteps of his own."
12/19/2005 c1 With Rhyme and Reason
Yes, this is weird. But I like your idea. The sheer ephemerality of human existence is what makes every person stop in his tracks and think: "Why am I here? When am I going to die? Oh, God, why am I here?"

The line I didn't "get" was: "Forever more will man strive to become a mortal Everest beginning from the human valley..." Do you mean immortal. I can see how it would work either way.

But yes, we as humans place too much pride in our existence as "sentient" beings of this world. For even though we cover the world, in the end it is the world that will cover us.

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