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for Ghoul of the Mind

12/20/2005 c1 dreamshell
i liked the concept here quite a bit. Bonder seems kind of like one of those mad scientists we always read about/watched on t.v. as kids, only before he gets his whole 'evil experiment' thing started. he is definitely a realistic villain, and you can be sure there will be more of his kind in the future. scary!

as for your author's note, i definitely agree - knowledge is power. people can do great (and terrible) things with it. and it is really sad to see so many people wasting their minds. but, i suppose you could say they're just giving people with knowledge all that more power. so...that might not be a good thing necessarily, but i don't mind, 'cause i sure won't be on the recieving end of whatever they do to 'em. ;)

also, i found it interesting to note that intelligence does not equal wisdom. Bonder, as smart as he may be, is still susceptible to human flaws. his intolerance is a perfect example of that.

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