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2/20/2006 c20 10afk
*hugs her home made plushie of brett* dun cry! i know what will feels the first and only time i saw my mom cry i was in complete shock.

*sigh* poor will, but i'm happy cody and grant are there ^^they might do things better
2/20/2006 c20 32eldrin
I'm glad that Claire's keeping the baby...because she obviously wanted it. It's hard to think that anyone in this family would allow the advent of a child to overburden her. This was sweet and slightly heartwrenching. I loved when Grant and Cody showed up!
2/20/2006 c1 an
can't you put up that story you had with jamie and terry getting togheter?
2/17/2006 c19 6Rinna
Wow, when things go wrong they really go wrong, huh?

I hope things work out decently well nonetheless. As much as they can be expected to, anyway. Wow.

Again, sorry I never seem to review; I do read every chapter.
2/16/2006 c19 10afk
NO TERRY NO i wuv him T_T he's one of my fav charas you cant kill him T_T
2/16/2006 c19 32eldrin
The really terrible is just how adept you are at making your characters real. So Terry being sick is awful. But he doesn't let that stop him from being pushy and ordering Mike to go back to Brett!

Figures that Lee has to be in a hospital bed before he starts showing vestiges of maturity.

Sweet chapter.
2/16/2006 c19 25Esquirella
OMG! There's so much in this chapter that made my eyes go wide, I don't know where to begin! Brett is being incredibly self-centered, but then that's Brett for you. Michael is being passive agreessive, but then that's Mike for you.

POOR LEE! He wanted that baby so much! Well, she can still change her mind. And you're so full of surprises that Claire just might do that.

And why does Brett have to leave in December? Can't he find another job? (That's me being self-centered now. LOL!)

Poor Jamie! He thought he had everything sorted out, and now he's still taking care of a sick Terry (I need to email you a question about that) and now he's's got to take in his best mate's kids for a couple of days.

And still, poor Will. He's losing his best friend after school's done. His foster dads are telling everyone his business. His ex is about to come awkwardly back onto the scene. He's always the last to find out what's going on ... and Joey's not there to throw footballs at him. (That last one is purely evil, on my part. *grin*)
2/16/2006 c19 19diebyownhands
wow... There is a lot of stuff going on.I was hoping Jackie would come back but not like this I don't want terry sick.. so sad

I'm completely hooked on this.
2/16/2006 c19 2ShadesWithLove
OMG. I thought Terry was recovering? I hope Jamie can deal with it. Really.
2/16/2006 c19 WarriorHeart
Great chapter!
2/15/2006 c19 ddz008
Great chapter!Things are getting more and more complicated :S I wonder what is Claire going to choose...It's so sad that Terry only has months left T_T I like him.Well, hope to see the next chapter pretty soon, please!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
2/15/2006 c19 5Yoyo-chan
I want life to be better, too ;_; Poor everyone. I've always liked Terry (most of the time). Even when he's being annoying, he has a way of seeing things that puts everything else into perspective. I dunno what everyone else will do without his insight x.x I hope Jamie will be okay.
2/15/2006 c18 32eldrin
Poor Lee. I love the idea of doing a story about Will...he's intrigued me since he was first introduced. Awesome story.
2/15/2006 c18 Ashye
Hamish huh? As sweet as it is of Roman to offer to pay for the last of Leisel's surgery, I think she might have a problem with it. I know I might be a little uncomfortable accepting that much money from a guy I was dating. It kinda sucks that Roman is putting his girlfriend before his best friend. If I were Will I'd be really hurt too.I hope Lee feels better! This chapter was much less depressing than the last one. Yay!
2/14/2006 c18 Sundown too lazy to log in
another fabulously written chapter. This story has kept me hanging on for 18 chapters, so you are definately doing something right! you have believable characters, with believable plots...and i love all the aussie references...being an aussie myself that it. Well done you!
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