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2/14/2006 c18 2ShadesWithLove
Haish. Will's life seem to get messier day by day... *hugs Will*
2/13/2006 c18 bambi4real
i would never have figured hamish and will getting together. good one
2/13/2006 c18 10afk
sexy stuff with hamish ^~ lol and poor will! his life does get ups and downs @
2/13/2006 c18 19diebyownhands
I had to re read the Hamish part very amusing haha I had forgoten about him and then I remembered the whole crush thing he had for Bret.
2/13/2006 c18 25Esquirella
A Volkswagen Golf? WE have one of those! LOL! How cool!

Poor Will. At keast he's getting some attention from Hamish. But is Jackie really out of the picture? They were so cute together. And Jackie IS a nurse ... hmm.

And on that note, I really feel bad for Lee. You want to borrow Cody? LOLOLOL! You know he'd probably want to go there once he heard. I know, I know! He's a bit too over bearing for Lee. I was just funning!
2/13/2006 c18 ddz008
Great chapter!Now he had sex with Hamish XD I understand that he is hurt because of Roman's decisions... I hope at least everything goes ok with him and Leisel.Keep writing, please!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
2/13/2006 c18 Mathew
I want Jackie to come back :( I kind of liked him. And I really like the Lee thing .. that sounds bad, but I do. Most people can't write dramatic surprises like that and make it sound natural like it fits, but you can. I'm jealous of your writing skills.

And I'm .. fine. Yeah. Thanks for asking. Oh and I have been meaning to ask if you got the letter/card thing yet? I personalised the envelopes, and a couple of them got lost in the post. I was doubly worried since yours would be traveling a further distance .. I guess I should've written the addresses more clearly :/
2/12/2006 c17 19diebyownhands
All the mixed feelings Will is feeling for Lee is so real even with real siblings you feel jealous of the attention sorry cuz they are heart and guilty for resenting them.Thats what I love about your stories everything feels real.

I'm hoping we will get some Jackie suffering I know that its from Wills POV and it be a bit hard to tell how Jackie is suffering, I think he deserves to see what he missed out on and hurt more than Will did ...
2/10/2006 c17 10afk
will, i uderstand you ^-^ bt yeah, great chap again! XD
2/10/2006 c17 2ShadesWithLove
Wait, so who on earth is the bloody asshole who did this to Lee?
2/9/2006 c17 4Taylor-Ame
Poor bastard.
2/9/2006 c17 25Esquirella
It was cool to see Lee and Will interact in this chapter. The fact that it took an accident like this to break down hose walls was sad, but it brought them together in a way. I also like that Will comes to terms with his guilt by buying Lee pajamas and goodies. It was really sweet.
2/9/2006 c17 ddz008
Great chapter!I feel so bad for Lee, I know he is really annoying sometimes but he doesn't deserve to be like that, I hope the guy that hurt him gets what he deserves.Lee and Will's relationship is so weird, I'm glad that at the end he decided to accept visits.I really like your story, hope to see the next chapter pretty soon, please!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
2/9/2006 c17 Ashye
Well that was depressing. Still a great story!
2/9/2006 c17 8Sundown
Wow. sorry I didn't review the previous chapter...i was kinda busy with uni stuff (deciding which one to actually go to). Anyway, that said...the TWIST that this story has taken is so dramatic, and it brings in so much emotion towards Lee's character, and shows so much of him. I thought this was gonna be another breakup story...but then you throw this into the mix. Fabulous writing, as always, I can't wait to read more, love!
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