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for Self reflection: Hopeless Loveless

2/5/2006 c1 23Fina Arvanthol
The imagery in this poem was so descriptive. I really liked the idea of love and vulnerability being connected; this poem evoked a number of emotions from within me. I liked it a lot!
1/2/2006 c1 anonymous0069
The poem was constructed in a sense that it shows the chronological order of a person who fought love and was defeated. The peom was neatly made and the transition was perfect. Now I may not be a great critique nor a good writer but I can say that this is one of your best works besides "Understand." It really struck a nerve therefore you should continue making poems with this topic
12/22/2005 c1 10siopilos
how profound. how utterly and truly profound. what i like about your piece is the analogy about love. how some people are confronted with it and how it deals with them. there was not one part in the poem that i didn't like this is one of the many pieces that i don't regret looking into. very nicely written. i hope to see more of your works in the future.
12/22/2005 c1 12Lisa Parry
An anthemetic poem. A very strong beginning that compelled me to read on, my favourite lines being: I had gone to war with love itself!/Armor less,/Without a sword,/Or a shield,/Ah! What a fool I was,/Utterly defeated!

Some of the words used to describe this verion of love were extreme but it got across the sense of 'love' being a monster. The continous references to the broken marionette suggested love was a force outside of the narrator's self. :)

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