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for Formal absences of precious things

12/29/2005 c1 Eva Zafarano
This is a very nice poem. I like how you capture the individual moments. At first staccato and then the stanzas become more long and lucid. I like it.
12/22/2005 c1 17amavian
Formal absences of precious things (Formal: Makes me think of sophistication. Absence: The loss of something. Precious: Valuable things that cannot be replaced.) (It’s a sophisticated loss of something so valuable that it cannot be replaced. - am I hot or cold?)

This is good; I like the play on color, the black dress and the blue mirrors (the colors of pain) and I liked the soft narration, almost contemplative, like looking back on something that happened so long ago, but it still feels like yesterday in your head. Very nice.

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