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3/1/2008 c1 1Audrey Bronte
I liked it, and I usually only read the vampire stories when it comes to fantasy.

Good job!
7/3/2006 c3 NO LONGER USING
aw sad ending...great chap though
7/3/2006 c1 3RomanceAddict
Zeth seems very mean! Update soon!
6/29/2006 c2 NO LONGER USING
i loved this chapter, it was writen so well...and I'm, not joking

great work
6/29/2006 c2 35Autumn Reflections
hey! good story! i cant wait for the next chapter! keep writing, i will be checking up on this.

6/14/2006 c1 13Dawnella
Really good! I like it! It's almost borderline dark for me, but that's okay. Now, I really like the idea, the whole thing, but there are a few glaring errors, like having a comma and a period next to each other. Also there have been commas where commas were unnecessary...yep, just pointing it all out.The good thing is that I can't recall any terrible misspellings, or really bad grammatical errors, though some of your sentences go from one thing to another.I would love to be your beta...=DIf you want a beta, you can just email me, it should be on my profile.Still, I really like the storyline, though the whole "bad thoughts, bad thoughts" seems kind of cliched to me. I mean, that always comes out somehow in an unwilling romance.BUT this is an overall very original idea. I mean, the elf is mischievous, but not short and stuff, and he isn't like the Lord of the Rings kind of elf. It's a new breed, sort of.And I have never really heard of elves granting wishes, though there are the...erm, seidh I think it is.Oh well. Good story! Keep writing!
4/15/2006 c1 1The Getaway Plan
I really like this story, especially Zeth. His character is really loveable. Please just keep going and update. Its really good and has loads of potential!The Getaway Plan.
4/3/2006 c1 NO LONGER USING
great story...love the interesting names...^.^off to read more 0
3/27/2006 c4 criti-sized
Um,how do I say this...It was good,from reading the summary somebody would think the story is different..With revision over it to fix the grammar mistakes it'll be better.
3/21/2006 c4 crystalsands
wow! very interesting and the plot's drama escalates at each passing chapter. very well written.
3/19/2006 c4 Walboro
Can't wait for the next chapters.
3/18/2006 c4 Winter Reflections
this story really needs help with grammar, but other than that i think you have something very good going here!

keep writing

3/17/2006 c4 3RomanceAddict
So why does Zeth want to own them both when he only feels sexually attracted to Xaria? Will Xaria age in those hundred years? If Zeth makes them use up all their wishes will they ever be able to go back home? Good chapter! You know its a winner when you leave me asking this many questions! One more, what does Trory look like and who is Crimson? Update soon!
3/14/2006 c3 RomanceAddict
I love your new chapter! Zeth sounds hot! Annoying as hell, but still hot! I love the dream part. Update as soon as you can!
3/14/2006 c3 Walboro
As always a well constructed piece of writing.

I look forward to more... soon? ;)

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