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for Winter

1/1/2006 c1 14biminator
Ahh, well. There was alot more to this story than met the eye at first glance. The use of seasons as names had more significance than perhaps the last reviewer realized. Hard to explain, but Summer sort of represented innocence, followed by Autumn, demonstrating acceptance, and finally Winter, embodying knowledge and a wish for more. Sort of like the passing of seasons is felt by your average person. I was waiting for Spring, and I got it there at the end, with a definition fitting into my analogy. It represents relief and happiness, welcome after a long winter. Brilliant work.
12/28/2005 c1 dreamshell
though the concept it perhaps a little used, this was written very well and had enough mystery to it to keep a reader involved. the seasons being used as names was a nice touch and the names of the locations were simple but appropriate. the idea of a device that can destroy the laws of reality is something new to me, at least in such a type of story. i enjoyed this. :)

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