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3/25/2006 c1 55ronshaberry
Sounds world-tired. And bitter and elegant. Nice. :) It did fit on your favorites list! Hurray. Thanks for that.
2/10/2006 c1 25Richard Lynch
Hey you! You're right... this poetry isn't exactly my forte, but I'm not about to rip on you for it. You've got a style, and I like it! It's very spontaneous and unpredictable. Does well in countering my methodical and meticulous style. Keep writin', and see you around!
12/27/2005 c1 James
Oh, that's pretty. I like it a lot. Really a lot. I'm gonna save it to my computer. Yee! I have no idea what to criticize! It's too good!~iknowyourname (James... from LJ)
12/25/2005 c1 12Lisa Parry
An understated poem with a power from within the words. The last verse intrigued me, it wasn't definite but an oxymoron itself, and unexpected.
12/25/2005 c1 31button-nose
It love the way this has depth! Great substance and I love your rhyming scheme.It pulls me in and makes me want to know more on this subject! Fab!

Button nose x x
12/25/2005 c1 4Emilie Aurel
Wow, that was cool... it didn't have a certain flow, but it didn't need one, it was amazing.
12/25/2005 c1 11Cloud Burst
beautiful prose!

Merry Christmas! =D

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