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for Right Here In My Arms FINISHED

7/16/2008 c33 5Fayre Meira
i seriously love this..brilliant stuff, and i love how hyper Trent is - don't think there's a lot of guys like him in the real word though ^sighs^
7/16/2008 c23 Fayre Meira
please tell me there actually exists a store somewhere where i can go and purchase myself a Trent? lol
7/16/2008 c13 Fayre Meira
damn trent is sure mouthy in a good way :D
6/28/2008 c32 Jay827
aww. that was Adorable.
6/27/2008 c7 Jay827
UGH! her.. she... her personality. how she reacts ugh.

please tell me she becomes more understanding and less of a douche...
6/24/2008 c32 ShannonsScary
Awe poor Travis! I love your story!

I read it before (year or two ago) but it was unfinished then.

It popped back into my head a few days ago and

I am back reading it all night until the end.

I just started reading the sequel too. YAY! haha
6/24/2008 c32 5Not Mary Jane
Oh god... I am like, freaking in love with this story.

Trent is so cute, not only cute, but extraordinary cute.

I've also read This Lullaby, but I think Trent is way cuter than Dexter,though Dexter is still one of my favorite fictional character.

I like how you make Trent mysterious in the beginning...

and making me think if there're intentions when Trent asked Raina to tutor him...

God... This story is so good..

Though I feel bad for Travis... He sounds hot... and one third of my heart really wanted him to be with Raina...

But ... whatever. I dunno what I am actually talking about since it's like... 1:23am in my city, and I just can click the red cross button on the right hand corner of the internet explorer and go to bed.

Haha, this story is surely addictive.

But I dunno if I can stand it if Travis really find another girl in the sequel... because in my mind, I always think he belonged to Raina... But actually, Raina and Trent are together...

Okay. I should stop rambling and get some sleep.

This is probably my longest review, ever. Sorry for any incorrect spelling or grammer, since I really need my bed now.

And to read the sequel hours later.
6/24/2008 c32 10Sameisauce
I loved this story, I adore Travis so you better be good to him in the sequel.=D
6/23/2008 c32 2CrossMyHeart
aww! I loved it! even if it was sad... and i felt sorry for Travis...and matt...and come to think of it, i felt bad for the bird too. Being taught all those naughty naughty words.


6/9/2008 c33 5euphoria-falls
um, wow.

5/31/2008 c13 Splutter
i can see your writing improving with every chapter.

well done!
5/18/2008 c17 kurskis
Trent is so cute!
5/17/2008 c2 the-galaxy
hmm.. well, one thing that wasn't very realistic was when he drank the perfume. Considering the amount of chemicals there are in scented products, just taking a small sip could either get you really sick or sent to the hospital to get your stomach pumped. And since Trent nearly "chugged" half of the bottle, he most likely would've died from it.
4/28/2008 c29 IljimaE
Hey! I was almost surprised on the big changes in the way of writing...I mean these past chaptersbecame more normal...

I hate it so much when the whole chapter goes like "I like puppies" and they argue ...

well i just really want to compliment how great the story became...

and it's so amusing how I can't guess who ends up to who...
4/27/2008 c21 ixxdbest
the story is really very very very boring that I don't like it but can't help stop reading cuz I hate to cut in the middle not knowing the ending...anyway is the author a filipino cuz the name of Trent's parents is exactly the name of a famous politician-actress couple...is that just coicidence?
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