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12/26/2005 c1 Earth Monkey
this was ... and i feel weird saying it ... really good. even though it was purely psycotic, and insanity poured into words, it was written really well.

the detached mind of the person was intense, and that feeling was woven into the words, so as i was reading, i was able to FEEL the insanity of the girl.

is she crazy or something? a skitzerphrenic - or however u spell it. coz, if she is, you wrote it out very well.

and the mirror thing was really good. it gave an insight into her mind, how she tried to shatter her own reflection, believing it to be real.

so, overall, it was good. psycotic definately, but good none-the-less.

keep up the insane work :PlatersEarth Monkey

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