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2/25/2006 c1 131theory of black
Wow. This could be applied to a situation near me. Good job.
2/24/2006 c1 96Bonfire Of The Sanities
Very nicely done...I especially liked "your Friends, as you like to call them" great line...I think what makes this so good is that it is very easily relatebale...good work!-Ben
1/15/2006 c1 1A. C. Oasis
i can really relate to what you're saying. i also like that you used mask for the metaphor. brilliant! well done. :)
1/7/2006 c1 15hide the love here
that is simply beautiful
12/31/2005 c1 CkShorty
really loved this because it's so true and honest. i wish i could write these. keep up the good work :)

12/27/2005 c1 1k+Faithless Juliet
I liked how you displayed the reality of some people (multiple agendas and moments that we see.) It just shows that you really can’t hide everything all the time. Keep up the good work.


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