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10/4/2006 c8 Amid
This story is very confuzzelling, but i sorta like it. Even if i can't understand the ulterior motives behind anything. Well, not really, anyways. My favorite part is definitly...chapters 2 and 3. SO hillarious. I vote for more Johnson, 'cause he's cool. I just may be in love. I'm also intrigued by the "young" boy, what happend to him, or what is he, etc. "Because he’d realized who she was...She didn’t know who he was, but that was okay for now. She seemed to trust him from their two encounters and that was [all] that mattered. For now." wow, what's going on? I'm cofused by that and by the "funny hair" incident. So post a new chapter soon, so I may get some answers. Thank You! :)
9/21/2006 c8 5anti-climax
hm, finished reading your story. I wasn't too fond of your jokes about Jesus and all, I suppose but Hitler and Einstein...lol...

It's interesting, managing to be both fascinating and hilarious at the same time. I would say that you have a nice hybrid story here :)

When are you going to update?
9/21/2006 c5 anti-climax
an egg shaped man. Woah. And how do you make an illegal u-turn in heaven? :)

Hilarious stuff!
9/21/2006 c4 anti-climax
XDI like your sense of humour. It just reminds me so much of my favourite British movie of all time, Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail.

Wittiscms, dialogue and zany descriptions...I love it. :)
8/17/2006 c2 anti-climax
eh? oh...I was a little confused by who exactly was being stretchered; the dead girl or the heroine.

Well, this is pretty exciting stuff. The dead girl at the end of Chapter 1 was well, cliffhanging stuff and It...sounds like a bird man...

I like it. =)
8/15/2006 c8 2Casey Drake
... this is gonna be interesting... she's not gonna stay complacent for a week.

8/15/2006 c8 Halcyon Impulsion
I think I got it :) Glad you updated, I'll try not to get behind again! No real complaints here...just write fast :) And I like longer chapters better :)
8/15/2006 c7 Halcyon Impulsion
Wow. What a twist. Lots of development in this chapter - I love it! Really good work :)
8/15/2006 c6 Halcyon Impulsion
:( You got it all up and out just for me and I missed it! I'm so sorry... I'm just *behind* in everything. Sigh. Anyway, this was a really good chapter. The *only* criticism I have is the brief moment of less-than-polite language from the captain as he's explaining the response to LSD's taking over. It's preference :) All in all, this is brilliant, and this chapter is your best yet :)
8/6/2006 c7 Casey Drake
*is speechless* WHAT? *jawdrop*

Somebody oughta be danced on for this...

:( CD
8/2/2006 c6 Casey Drake
*cracks up* This is frikking hilarious... the "explanation" that FINALLY made a modicum of a grain of sense at the end...

:) CD
7/30/2006 c2 JudgeKure
Very compelling story, for the most part. Great cliffhanger at the end of the chapter, Really makes you want to go on to the next to find out what happened to the girl.

There were a few mistakes, nothing that cant be fixed. I applaud your attempts in trying to make the reader feel involved, as though they actually are the main character by associating the sense of Feeling in some of your words. Some parts I thought would be better if they were worded different.

"I couldn’t decide whether they were happy or sad tears."

I think this should be removed. I thought it was an excellent paragraph but this line sort of kills it. It makes the reader start to think about the writer's Writing style instead of focusing on the story. Like "Ohh, The Author threw that in there to add a sense of Deepness". I loved the paragraph, I just have the feeling it would be better if that line wasnt included.

Other then that, I thought it was great. Actually makes me want to read it more. The sense of drama is easily identifible and thats abit of a comfort as a reader. I'll check out and comment the other chapters next time Im online.
7/29/2006 c5 Halcyon Impulsion
The bad guys as sufficiently icky so that I dislike them immensely, the heroine has me completely on her side, and those that fall somewhere in between amuse me. Good work LOL. Write fast.
7/10/2006 c4 Casey Drake
oh dear.

:) CD
7/9/2006 c4 Halcyon Impulsion
Alright, you better not take months and months to update this. Seriously. Good stuff :)
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