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for Simply, For You

1/11/2006 c1 96Briar's Thorn
wow you made me leak(cry).i don't know what to say...you are too good at this(as so many hurtful memories flash through my mind)... its incredible very, very well done.
1/11/2006 c1 7Elphie Thropp
The rhyming is a little forced, but rhyming in poems is quite hard (that's why I don't do it hehe).I do like the poem itself. The "For if we keep up this awkward charade Our only bed shall be our grave" is especially fantastic. Keep it up!
12/27/2005 c1 35Cool-Ruzz
Wow, this piece was great! I liked how you made the words rhyme and just the way you wrote it amazes me! You're a fantastic poet so I hope you'll keep writing! Love, Ruzz p.s. ~ Do review my work if you'd the time

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