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for Great Grandmother's Funeral

12/31/2005 c1 31bjw
Hi! My friend [oriel vaughn] mentioned you so I came to check your stuff out. Interesting name! Heh.

You're from Singapore aren't you! I really love the Singaporean flavour here...:) You don't get that often on FP. I liked that stanza: "the unfamiliar one, they said/who was eighty ninety years/older than them/who spoke strange dialect/they don’t understand". It just sounds so perfectly singlish-y and couldn't-be-bothered and BLUR. To me it played a large part in setting the mood.:)

Hmm..I don't get the first part though. It says that the grandchildren too had heavy hearts and wept...then why the absence of tears? [Btw it's "there WERE no tears" :P] And it's ironic how the grandmother rested in peace. I mean, it sounds more like a way of speaking than anything else..you know, how people - children in this case - automatically add on conventional phrases to what they say.. Coz it's strange how she can rest in peace when her relatives are seemingly unaffected by her death. Was it intentional?

Anyway, yeah I really liked the Singaporean-ness you captured in this. Your description of the setting was great. And I could truly relate with the lack of feeling. and the mini-gathering with cousins thing..unfortunately.xP When I was younger I wasn't really close to a particular grandparent..so during his funeral I didn't feel much. Oh well. I apologise for blabbing so much! Haha keep writing.:)
12/30/2005 c1 14aaidenkae
so sad. i loved it. right now my great grandmother is dying. she'll be home soon. thank you.-kae
12/29/2005 c1 17life like whoa
Sadly enough I was this way at my Grandfather's funeral. I had never met him, I found it hard to feel for someone I'd never met.

I guess the great grandchildren weren't so great after all...

Nicely written. **thanks for reviewing
12/28/2005 c1 92randompoetry
It's sad because, thats exactly how I was at my great-grandpas funeral. It hurts seeing it in words, but its true, I didnt know him. Wonderful poem here, I love the style of it.
12/28/2005 c1 31button-nose
wow, i was very moved by it, god bless the little children eh? I love the emotion in this, i was very captured by the essence. great work...

button nose x x

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