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1/8/2009 c1 14CosmicalMadison
This is funny. I feel bad for the girl just before she freaks out about Orlando Bloom. That was so random. :)
2/2/2006 c1 20KalliopesMuse
Hello! Thank you for your many reviews on Green Eye, Blind Eye. I found this piece to be quite amusing. Near the end, there are paragraphs that are smushed (is that even a word?) together- but it's probably to editor/manager's fault. Happy writing!- Sarika
1/3/2006 c1 Southernprincess
Now, that was funny
12/31/2005 c1 archived
HAHAHAHAHAHHA! I am SO that girl! hahahah...great piece of work. I loved it.

12/30/2005 c1 2Lady of Fire and Ice
I wish I had the guts to pull something like that.
12/28/2005 c1 10Eet
This was hilarious! I always try to sell stuff to the telemarketers.
12/28/2005 c1 13Siri's Gurl
Hah. That is absolutely fantastic. Really, really humorous. And the worst part is, I can actually see that happening...
12/28/2005 c1 3Geistjaeger
Who's Orlando Bloom?
12/28/2005 c1 FromEastToWest
hahahaha that was like, OmiGOSH, so kewl! haha, I really enjoyed this one. Short and funny, you amde it ;)
12/28/2005 c1 3CandyCookie17
Ha! That was funny. I liked it especially because I have a friend that's Orlando Bloom crazy, and I could see her doing something like that! Very good story.
12/28/2005 c1 46Victim of the Wraith
That was so cruel of Jake, but at the same time it was very amusing. I know alot of people who are very starcrazy and would love to try and get an autograph.

You captured the feeling of not wanting to deal with a telemarketer.

12/28/2005 c1 10just a teardrop
the girl sounds like someone out of 'Little Britain' (if you've ever seen that!) - anyway, great work, made me smile :D

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