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for Drug Addiction Fairytale

1/2/2019 c1 kk1388532
9/17/2014 c8 Sepelrastas
Hey, just wanted to drop a line or two your way :)

First of all, really liking the story thus far.

Second, I know you just said there you've done your research on drus, but I just had to point out that neither cannabis (marijuana) or ecstacy cause hallucinations. Sure, you might get slight visuals if you smoke a ton, but neither of them is a hallucinogen. I understand the point of view you're giving, but if you want to feature a hallucinogen, it should be more to the line of mushrooms or acid (LSD).

I am not endorsing drug use in any way, just want to set the facts straight :) Anyways, thank you again for the read thus far.
3/18/2014 c1 Sally
Hey! Nice story. A rarity on FP.
Anyway, your main characters were very well fleshed out, although Katelyn's constant crying and being hung up on a guy got very annoying till the end. I'm quite glad they didn't end up together; their relationship was such that it's better both move on. Yes! I said it! But in all seriousness, they should. Though, Jude was very well developed, I don't like him. He never got strong, like Andy is. Jude committed a criminal offence - and must admit was partially disgusted by two women and him sleeping - what Jude did is unforgivable in relationships. Katelyn annoyed me by being so weak as back to him. This is foolish!
7/19/2012 c25 storyreader
nice story, didn't like jude. i wouldn't take him back
6/23/2012 c3 3tiiinam
I have no idea why I haven't read your stories before. They are fantastic. You have great grammar, and your sentences flow fantastically! I'm so happy I found your stories. I'll be entertained for a few days!
5/10/2012 c1 Darkblue2018
This is a really good chapter. I can't wait to read the rest of it!
3/21/2012 c25 Whatsoever
Noooo! He left and it ended! I am devastated!
9/19/2011 c25 AnnieLS
I really loved your story and, as this is the third time I've read it, I thought I'd get around to reviewing it.

The plot itself, along with many of the characters, is clearly very thought out and developed. It was a great original plot, there was a lot going on throughout the story, with a lot of main characters, but it all managed to tie together nicely with the main romance coming through and managing to become a clear theme throughout. A lot of the big moments in the plot weren't just pulled out of nowhere, they were developed and they were a lot more emotional and heartfelt because of it.

The technical composition of your story was great, no bad spelling, grammar. It was a pleasure to sit down and read, with the odd typo the only clear mistakes. I absolutely loved the end paragraph of the last chapter.I could really picture it well in my mind and connect with the image and emotion, it was a nice touch.

I really enjoyed the character of Jude throughout the story and thought he was well developed, perfectly written at different times throughout the story, acting within his parameters throughout but not a monotone character when interacting with different people. Although I also liked Katelyn, I would have preferred her to be a bit more fallible, or even just give into some of her own rage, for her to have acted, at times, in a more emotional and dramatic way just to round her out through the plot.

There were a few niggly points I'd like to mention that I just pulled up on while reading the story and thought I'd go through them constructively.

I didn't particularly enjoy Kendall's character development throughout and found his personal story in chapter nine random and not emotional at all. His change after that event and the development of his relationship was also rather odd and sadly wasn't given the attention I thought it needed. It would have been nice if there had been more attention paid to Kendall and Claudia tackling the issue of her pregnancy and them having a child.

I also found the coach molestation thing a little far fetched within the context. It's good to give Jude's drug taking a beginning and motive, and attaching it to sport does make sense, but it just seemed like a random, large leap to me. And if it was important enough to keep it as an event for the ending, it needs a lot more development and attention, throughout the body of the story. I think it would have also been better to draw out Jude's eventual slip into taking drugs in the end and driving the car, I would have preferred a more emotional slip with more reasoning behind.

I thought Jude's trip to France at the end was too random. Maybe an explanation of a 'change of scenery' would have made more sense, or just more of a back story to his fashion ambitions.

Managing to write a complex story with a lot of big themes is very difficult and you managed to pull it off beautifully and you wrote a great story. I loved reading it this time, and the last time, and the time before that. Looking forward to reading the sequel now, I think the last time I had followed it, it hadn't been finished.

Thanks for a great story.
8/7/2011 c25 Demon-666-Child
Brilliant. I read the entire story in a day:) It would have been just a bit more enjoyable if I didn't have a ten year old brother named Jude but oh well.

I loved the multiple storylines you had going and how you kind of covered everyone in each chapter. It was well written and interesting.

Thank for the great story:-)
6/16/2011 c25 crissy19
whoa this was a pretty good freaking story! on to the squeal!
12/23/2010 c2 Aradia Cloud
Jude is an arrogant snot and I don't like him.
12/19/2010 c16 AngelsXDevils
I don't know if this was already mentioned but during the section about Kendall and Claudia, you accidentally used the name Kevin instead of Kendall which is kind of disturbing... xD
11/29/2010 c1 1butterflywishes
Wowow this story was really something wonderful and kept me wanting more to read. And I love the name Jude! Great story :D
11/27/2010 c25 1my princess ending
I LUV THIS STORY! I really like how it has continuous problems and all that but what I like the most is that the title of this story is really unique and it fits the story just right. I found it confusing when you wrote Katelyn climbed onto the trampoline. I sorta thought she was going to jump on it and magically jump as high as Jude's airplane. But that's bullshit. Anyway, I LUV THE STORY!
10/29/2010 c25 17Lady of romance world88
Hi. Your story is so beautiful. I glad that Andy is fine and alive. Aww how cute Andy and Laurie were dating together. I feel sorry for Jude because he should have told the truth to Katelyn from the begining. I wish Jude should have never attend parties without take care of himself. I hope that Katelyn will forgive Jude and will wait for him. I glad that Kevin finally got help and got better now. Hope Mary and Sarah will be best friend ever. I wonder who is the crush of Matthew? I glad that Kendell chose to stay with Claudia and support each other. I glad that Claudia's parent support her decisions. Keep writing. I love your story. :D
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