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for Drug Addiction Fairytale

9/5/2006 c32 1victim of reality88
Hey. I started reading this forever ago, but didnt have time to finish it and then completely forgot about it. I luckily stumbled upon it again and read it all the way through, which took forever, your chapters are so long...not that im complaining. I absolutely love this story. It is definitely in my top 3 favs. Im going to read the sequel soon. I love the way u ended it too. I usually lose interest if it gets all happy throughout a story or at the end. I love the drama and angst, lol. Anyways well done on a great story.
8/13/2006 c32 11Tzotel431
Oh, that was so sad. when he told her to meet him at the airport I had a feeling that she wouldn't make it on time...

A wonderful story of struggle and the consequences...did I mention it was wonderful. it was sad too, but funny! I'll be reading that sequel...maybe thefirst chapter tonight...maybe not though...got church tomorrow...

Great job, really.

8/13/2006 c30 Tzotel431

8/13/2006 c29 Tzotel431
I had a bad feeling that someting was gonna happen at prom...OMG! What! I know Jude lives, but Andy...please don't kill Andy!

8/12/2006 c27 Tzotel431
I have a really bad feeling that a bad talk is coming up in which she finds out about the drugs and the sex and then she cries, it'd be good if she slapped him too!

8/12/2006 c26 Tzotel431


8/12/2006 c24 Tzotel431
Wonderful chapter! I loved how cute they were at the end. And I have a feeling bad things are gonna happen soon...

8/12/2006 c23 Tzotel431
If in the sequel thing she is engaged to Zach, I might blow up a little, I really REALLY really don't like the guy...just because he could break them up...and becuase Jude is being an idiot!

8/12/2006 c22 Tzotel431
Another wonderful chapter, and may I say, FINALLY! Gosh...

8/12/2006 c18 Tzotel431
So here I am! All awake and reading again!

Wonderful chapter, I really don't like Zach actually...he bugs me because he could cause a problem...evil...

8/12/2006 c15 Tzotel431
OMG! Frequency was such an awesome movie!

Okay, so I know I said I'd oly read one more chapter...oh well. This is a great story, that I will return to later, after I have slept!


8/12/2006 c11 Tzotel431
You totally suck...not really, but I was all set to go to bed after I finished this chapter...now I MUST read more!

Wonderful as always, I was just about to comment on how Kevin had been so nice lately, and then there came the terrible abuse...

8/12/2006 c10 Tzotel431
YEA! They kissed, and Kendall was finnaly brutally murdered! Or not...just bruised a bit! GO JUDE!

Excellent chapter! More reading will bedone tonight I think!

8/12/2006 c8 Tzotel431
Oh my god! Who told you that you suck as a writer? That is terrible. I just don't understand insecure people like that! (well I guess I do...sort of...) but that doesn't give them the right to say such things!

You are a wonderful writer! And I love your story!

8/12/2006 c7 Tzotel431
Why is he such a jerk to her, when he is speaking the truth, damnit! Whycan't she see it! She suspectes! She will be hurt...

Great story!

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