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for Drug Addiction Fairytale

6/13/2006 c1 this.is.my.life
sorry i'm not logged in, but i've read your story plus the sequel and i loved it completely! my friends run an award contest online called the 'Some Kind of Wonderful' awards for romance fics.


i've nominated 'Drug Addiction Fairytale' for 'Most Creative Plot' and 'Best Overall Romance'

best of luck, i hope you win!keep writing because yours still ceases to amaze me!
5/30/2006 c32 Melody
This story is the best. Absolutely a masterpiece. I love it, and no grammer errors spotted by me. Where's the sequel? I am despirate to read!
5/29/2006 c32 4EvangelineGoth
Oh, god, I was crying when I read this!Can't wait for the sequel!
5/28/2006 c32 letmewriteyouastory

I hate you.
5/28/2006 c32 19Olivine
k, its taken me some time, but ive gotten here! and i cried. my god, i always cry at the endings of a story, whether its sad or happy. i just cry more when theyre sad. but a sequel! PLEASE let katelyn forgive him in the sequel. or else i seriously will cry, because itll be even sadder. anyways... wow. this was one amazing story. and for 32 LONG chapters, youve definitely come a long way, though i know youce got other stories youve written or are writing. still, this was just amazing. and above even that, wonderfully written. you kept with each and every one of the characters' personalities, unique as every single one of them was (andy's in my mind, when i say that, lol) and you changed them just when they needed it. that was impressive. actually, i think youre an impressive writer. now, should i look for "CK Shorty" or "Shorty CK" in barnes and nobles? lol.

anyways, keep on writing, and get that sequel out soon! ~~MWRenaee-:|:-
5/27/2006 c32 9SolisLuna
Can't wait for the sequel, and no, it's not a sad ending per say. It was actually quite nice because you could in a way chose your own ending.

5/27/2006 c32 Sam
Andy is a riot, hahaha. So Jude will be in France for two months, lucky bastard, haha. Gosh, they still love each other therefore Katelyn should forgive Jude but he better be prepared to work on that trust he threw a way the first time they were couple. Thank you so much for writing and finishing this story! I've enjoyed every chapter and the ending is fitting because of the circumstances and the events I think we all expected this. Good job but the sequel better be a happy ending, hahaha. Have a good weekend.
5/27/2006 c32 3Choice
I loved this story!

I just wanted to say that this story, though sometimes disappointing with how you made some parts of it, was extravagant, and is something I'd love to have as a book to read over and over again.

I want to see a sequel out as soon as possible, missy! xD

5/27/2006 c32 spiffy-girl03
I LOVED the story, it's one of the few I looked forword to being updated. Please get out that sequel soon, or I'll suffer from withdrawl, and we don't want that to happen. Is the sequel going to end happily ever after? I can't handle crying again, I balled when Jude was drugged and slept with Liz and that random girl and the wreck. Your story was amazing.
5/27/2006 c32 Kira
OMG are you saying that they're never going to end up together? i think i'm going to go cry now...
5/27/2006 c32 Hymnyx
hey, that was an amazing last chapter and I just cannot wait till the sequel gets posted. I'd love to know who the characters are based on :-) you can always send me an email or something :-P

Good luck with ur sequel~~
5/27/2006 c32 64Arwen Starfire
wow. I have been following this story since the beginning, and I was really sorry to see the two split up, but I disagree with what you said. Yah, maybe a lot of sad stuff happened in the end, and she missed his flight, but this ending has hope. They both still love each other. This story was awesome.

I am wondering why she doesn't just go over to Jude's house and ask for the number for Jude and his mom's hotel room. It would solve a lot of problems, and if that didn't happen I would begin to think that Katelyn was just plain stupid. She is a bit pigheaded and prideful and naive, but I don't think that she is stupid. All she has to do is call and leave a simple message like, "Hey Jude, I went to the airport, but your flight had already taken off. I still love you." Something like that. It seems in character for her.

Well, write on.~Arwen Starfire
5/27/2006 c32 2Lightning Storm
This whole story was like a drug, and I can't wait to get another fix from the sequel, lol. I'm addicted

Update it soon
5/27/2006 c32 alter-ego52
Wow, not an ending like I expected. But definitely still great, especially since there's a sequel. Can't wait to read it!
5/27/2006 c32 2Broken Bright Eyes
Wow some ending that was...I loved it..Katelyn and Jude HAVE to get back together, they have to. It was a perfect relationship. Nowadays there arent many relationships like that one...So get them back together...But I get the feeling that Katelyn will go to France, see Jude BUT see Jude with another girl, and there goes happiness...But thats just me...
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