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for Drug Addiction Fairytale

5/27/2006 c32 amelia
aw, they're still in love.YEY!when are you gonna post the sequel? i'm dying to know what happens next. it would be interesting if Laurie got pregnant.
5/27/2006 c32 biteRswitMaLdita
yeah...definitely you can't end it the other way around..a sequel is needed to heal the bitterness of some stories(like wat ur doing now) and have a very promising ending. hehe i can't wait to be surprised for the new one...keep writing!=)
5/26/2006 c32 awaitinglove
pft, if jude and katelyn don't end up together in the sequel, you better call the army. rofl, nothing will stop me :p

anyways, get ending. I was pissed when Katelyn didn't make it in time, she should've called him. lol

Can't wait till the sequel so post it up super fast, okay?

5/26/2006 c32 OohMyAngiie
*holding a box of tissues* ...aw...jude...kaetlyn...GOD DAMMIT WHY DIDNT THEY MEET NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! *bawls* well...even though im PISSED OFF that they didnt get to meet at the end, im still glad that you wrote this wonderful story. haha i smiled wit andy's lil introduction to recieving his diploma.i want someone like that; carefree and all that crap...but seriously you MUST write a sequel i wouldnt miss it fo the WORLD! and sorry that i havent updated S...kind of depressed still at the moment but im tryn to get over it SORRY! good job writn wish you all the best luck for the sequel it will get TONS OF REVIEWS!

5/26/2006 c32 29hasseena
I was so sad Katelyn couldn't make it. But its good that Jude has not given up. There is still hope.The lyrics of the song fit quite perfectly to the situation. I think you can find pictures of the characters on internet itself. That way you will not need a scanner. I can't wait for the sequel. Good thing it will come up soon. Wanna see what Zach is upto and all. Drama is quite your speciality, I think! The story was fantabulous all along and no moment was dull =D
5/26/2006 c31 Jelly Beanz
Very good story! Only one more chapter left... I hope Jude and Katelyn get back together though.
5/24/2006 c31 2Broken Bright Eyes
Aww Sophie sounds so cute! Congrats Claudia and Kendall...Anyhoo...Why Katelynn and Jude? They were so perfect for eachother just like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake so perfect...Lol kidding...Its sad...Great last two chapters! What ever happened LIzzy? Did she climb into a hole and die? Hopefully she did, but I get the feeling she didn't and is going to annoying the hell out of Jude...Poor Jude...
5/24/2006 c14 19Olivine
oh, the perfect song for their situation. especially because clarkson wrote that song for almost the same reason. and i love her, too. shes my favorite idol, too. anyways, this was a muy sweet chapter! Y un bueno cuento! lol, yo hablo espanol! sort of. anyways (yes, again) im going to read on. just one more chapter, then i gotta go. (and im extremely sorry for that, because this story just keeps on getting betterer and betterer... so does my vocabulary skills, heh)

keep on writing ~~MWRenaee-:|:-
5/24/2006 c10 Olivine
okay, its been a while, but im back, like i said id be. and before i forget, you are on my alerts list. spelling, grammar, and detail were all good. i like jude. the name, too. and those two jerks... gr.

im going to keep reading... again ~~MWRenaee-:|:-
5/23/2006 c30 awaitinglove. you know who this is and im mad
omg! I hate you right now, how could you? I pruposely avoided this chapter for like three days now because i had read the end and i didn't want to read it but i did. ug. Poor katelyn and jude. Atleast everyone is alright though. They better get back together in the sequel though or in the last few chapters you have left. If not, i will be forced to find out where you live, leave you threatening messages on your phone, and come and kill you on your front porch


No big deal though, but...be warned.

I'll be watching. dun dun dun


5/23/2006 c31 Sam
I'm glad Andy and Jude are still best friends. Andy is still the coolest guy in this story. What Jude needs to do is get clean and prevent Zach from hooking up with Katelyn. Aw, baby Sophie, I love the name. Thanks for updating.
5/23/2006 c31 2Lightning Storm
I love this story so much. I can't wait to read more. The sequel is going to be awesome as well I'm sure. Update soon
5/23/2006 c31 4EvangelineGoth
OMG! I have been a faithful reader to this story! Ever since I saw it, I was like wow, you're an EXCELLENT writer and this story is a masterpiece! Ooh god, I hope Jude ends up with Katelyn in the end...And I can't wait for the sequel!
5/23/2006 c31 29hasseena
I loved the last part of the story with Kendall and Sophie. Something nice!Is it just me or others also dislike Zach?Update soon. I can't wait for the sequel either. This is one blast of a story!
5/23/2006 c31 Hymnyx
heyy, nice chapter as usual :-)update soon!~

P.S Do you have pics of your characters? If you don't have, it would be a nice idea to put them on your profile or something :D (I think...) :9
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