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for Drug Addiction Fairytale

5/23/2006 c31 25pinkfairydust
PLEASE DONT LET KATELYN GO OUT WITH ZACH! his ego is WAY to big! lol thanks 4 updating so fast!
5/22/2006 c31 biteRswitMaLdita
still sad for katelyn and jude...jst hoping u could get them together for the last chaptr but very impossible..hehe its yur style, go for it...and i hate zach for his not-so-nice intentions..he never give up...pls. update! =)
5/22/2006 c31 4bex17
SO good! PLEASE update soon, and PLEASE do a sequel! I shall DIE if you don't!
5/22/2006 c31 amelia
sorry for not reviewing the other chaps. i've been practicing(s/p) my graduation entrance and everything, since i graduate tomorrow. *woot! dances the happy dance*lol, when they're saying "We got to keep in touch" stuff, it reminds me of the movie Grease. good movie, tarvolta was funny. gasp, she left him. man now i definatley lost my bet with my friend.aww, claudia had her baby. yey!i have this bad feeling about zach, as if he's gonna play some sick and twisted game or something. he creeps me out so bad.*grabs torches and pitchforks to go and take zach away and laughs evil laugh*
5/22/2006 c31 OohMyAngiie
OMFG! i KNEW claudia had her baby when i read the title im just like, "YES YES YES YES YES! but thats kind of cool bout how you substitute your aunt in here wit the same situation thats nice. kind of strange huh? i swear you better make andy walk he HAS to walk he HAS to play baseball DUH! but damn i just feel so sorry for judey XD now thats a cute nickname. are you serious only one more chapter? OMFG NO! you MUST make a sequel on this im DYNG to continue reading cuz this is like the BEST fictionpress story EVA! so you better listen to mwa and make a sequel...whatev. i said that one time but not anymore haha

5/22/2006 c8 Arcade Melon
This story is good. I like the idea a lot. :)The only real problem I have with it is that all the characters are very stereotypical. Excepting the main characters, (Jude, Katelyn, Laurie) who are very obvious exceptions to the groups they hang out with, every character seems like a cardboard cutout. It takes a lot away from the realism of the story. For example, at my school, personally, there are a number of people in most every group that do drugs. There are also a number of people in each group that do not do drugs, and frown upon such habits. There may be a group that contains more people that do drugs than other groups, but there will still be people in that group that do not. Also, at least in my experience, the "preppy" people, such as the ones that Katelyn hangs out with, are very often the group with the most druggies, simply because they are the group that has the most parties, etc.

Anyways. Sorry for the mini-rant. Just bugged me. :P I really do like the story though.
5/22/2006 c30 8Ajaz
HA! TAKE THAT! Anyway... I was wondering whether Katelyn was ever gonna find out about Jude and his drugs, but this chapter finally arrived! =] Yep. Serves him (Jude) right. He shouldn't have taken drugs in the first place so HA! (As you can see, I'm very against drug use.) So now he's lost his girlfriend... HA! Ok... sorry... it's just that I seriously have NO sympathy for druggies. So HA! Wouldn't it be kinda funny if Jude jumped off a cliff or something? hm... EVIL DRUGGIES! DIE! So anyway.. nice story you have here and you should really continue it.
5/22/2006 c30 Sam
I knew Katelyn was going to break up with Jude once she knew the truth but when it finally did happen it still made me sad. I'm also glad Jude will get help for his addiction. No don't make Andy paralyz because he carries the story most of the time. I wonder if this accident had destroyed Andy and Jude's friendship. I guess I will know in the next chapter. Good chapter and thanks for updating.
5/22/2006 c30 2green-nailpolish
AH THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR NOT KILLING OFF ANYONE! i guess paralysis is fair, though...everything fits together and ah omg i like have the worst heebie-jeebies now! haha. i love love love this story!
5/22/2006 c30 1Katsui Adonis
I'm glad no one died..

but I'm also sad for Jude and Katelyn...I really hope they patch things up.
5/22/2006 c30 2SilentWings
omg this part made me cry.

Please noO! Let Katelyn stay with Jude! ;_;
5/21/2006 c30 OohMyAngiie
OMFG I WAS RIGHT IT WAS ANDY WHO GOT THROWN OFF THE CAR OMFG NO! but at least hes kk but if he gets paralyzed... damn jude is gonna be RUINED. im suspecting some kind of argument between andy and jude ya know...if andy does become paralyzed which i HOPE does not happen. omg this has to be one of the most suspenseful chapters i have ever read in my ENTIRE LIFE! i kind of forgot bout the coach/jude thing ya know it kind of slipped my mind haha. well heyy at least andy's mom is NICE enough to show up...but now im dying to know whats gonna happen. i still luv jude and andy they still my fav boys no matter what shit happens...unless jude goes crazy and goes on a killing spree idk why i said that...UPDATE SOON YOU ARE DOING A FANTASTIC JOB!

5/21/2006 c30 29hasseena
This was such a sad chapter. I feel bad for Jude and Katelyn separately. Waiting for more...update!
5/21/2006 c30 2Lightning Storm
Everything comes out eventually. I understand where Katelyn is coming from, but I feel for Jude.

Update soon
5/21/2006 c30 9SolisLuna
OMG JUDE AND...Crap, hold on I need to look up-wait, no I don't! KAITLNY NEED TO END UP TOGETHER PLEASE! Lol, update soon.

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