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for Drug Addiction Fairytale

5/8/2006 c25 8voice.writer

Way to treat your devoted readers, gosh!

Just a question: how old are you? You don't have to answer, but I like to get a feeling for the age of teen authors...besides, this is an incredible story and I love it so so so much and I know a billion people, including myself, who would buy it if it was a published book. SO HURRY UP, FINISH, AND PUBLISH!
5/8/2006 c25 2Lightning Storm
No! Jude is going to get drunk now and do something he'll regret. No!

Update soon
5/8/2006 c24 9InspiredSpider
aww that was adorable i love laurie she makes me laugh so much very good update soon ~spider~
5/5/2006 c24 8Out-Spoken-Runaway
More Andy and Laurie fluff time alone. xD Yeh, their one of my favourite characters. More twists? O_O Sounds like Zach and Lizzy should spend time together, although Zach doesn't seem too bad. One question...although you might not answer; is it a happy or sad ending? Keep writing!

5/5/2006 c24 25pinkfairydust
i can definately saw AW for that! its so sweet! yay! they finally got back together! stupid christina! :D
5/5/2006 c24 1this.is.my.life
ah i've spent every spare second of the past week reading this, it's amazing! your writing goes above and beyond so please update soon!
5/4/2006 c24 6aGirlinPort
uneventful, but still excellent and HILARIOUS, Laurie is so funny, i can't wait for you're next update
5/3/2006 c24 29hasseena
I am waiting for the next chapter! This one was good ofcourse =)
5/3/2006 c24 2Broken Bright Eyes
Definte "aww" moment...I loved it! Lizzie should die in a hole..because thats a cool death lol. I updated my story, its a bit sucky though...Can't wait 'til you update...
5/3/2006 c24 alter-ego52
Haha nice ending lol. Awesome chapter; that whole scene with Laurie, Katelyn and the teacher was funny. Nice job, update soon.
5/3/2006 c24 uusernname
"AW" ... That was a seriously sweet chapter. Update asap!
5/3/2006 c24 Sam
I find this chapter funny because boys could be so stupid sometimes,haha. The couples are too cute. So we only have five or six more chapters which I know you'll make it awesome. Thanks for updating.
5/3/2006 c24 Ozziewozacat
Heya! I love this story and I've been following it since about chapter fifteen, but I just wanted to point something out. When you write 'girls' as the plural, you write 'girls''. You don't need the apostrophe - it's the same for 'boys'. You only need to use it when something belongs to people, or you're abbrieviating the word. Just thought I'd let you know ^^

Love the story - please update soon :P I'd love some more fluff as well ^^

5/3/2006 c24 2Lightning Storm
I should be studying for my Biology test I have next period, but I really wanted to read this. I was worth it too, lol. I can't wait to read more. That last part was so cute. I want that. Update soon
5/2/2006 c24 OohMyAngiie
you updated AGAIN THAT WAS HELLA QUICK YES laurie and andy have declared that they are together WOO HOO nothn is EVA gonna separate them you know im hella ticklish i mean EVERYWHERE on my body im ticklish i ahte it. i only got into one tickle fight i swear i loved it yet i hated it haha i was HELLA laughin when you wrote the girl conversation; where they didnt finish each other's sentences THATS HELL TRUE! im like OMG THAT IS SO TRUE! good times... i loved that SO much. well update soon i just LOVE this story!

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