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4/13/2006 c20 8Out-Spoken-Runaway
Great! I'm glad Kendall is staying. Otherwise she might as well shave her hair off and run in front of a car.

...Or not.

$#^)*@$#_*) Lizzy...heroine! She's anorexic! I hate her already. xD And when will Katelyn find out about his drug use?

Eh...not Andy and Laurie! NOT THEM! #$^)_*@$^)*_ They were awesome...so not fair. You better do something. _

Keep writing!

4/13/2006 c20 Sam
I'm glad that Claudia and Kendall worked things out. I don't know how I feel about Lizzy yet because she has done anything as cruel as Christina. Andy is hurt, poor guy but it is wrong of him to be uncivil about it to Laurie. Good chapter and thanks for updating.
4/13/2006 c20 Hymnyx
can't wait for the next chapter: you're full of surprises! :)

~Lynn Merteuil
4/12/2006 c20 OohMyAngiie
OMG! thats so cute between claudia and kendall i'm so happy that kendall stayed i somewhat had a feeling that he would leave her, but he has a soft side...aww... and kaetlyn and jude; ADORABLE! but now i want to ask jude if he could beat up the new girl (dammit i already forgot her name! um...something with an L...). well i've been reading this story every single night and i'm SO happy that I ran into this I LOVE IT! PlEASE UPDATE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE I LOVE THIS STORY!

4/12/2006 c20 29hasseena
This chapter and the last one have been so cool. I couldn't get off without taking them in till the last bit. The new twists are intriguing. Zach wants to steat Katelyn. Lizzy wants to steal Jude. Andy and Laurie are broken apart. Jude is still doing drugs. Katelyn still doesn't know. Claudia and Kendall with their unborn child. There is so much happening! I love it. I don't think I ever read a story with so much of drama. Eagerly waiting for your next update. Love ya!
4/12/2006 c20 21Aella88
Yay! I decided to just pick up reviewing here...anyways...I love this chapter! I'm so glad that Kendall and Claudia are staying together. I desperately want to fix the Laurie/Andy problem. I truly hate Jude's friends...and his ex-girlfriend. Hm...I think that about sums it up! *grins* I am a very adamant person when I decide who I like and dislike in a story and I never give up on my precious theories until the last word of the story...then I hope for an epilogue or sequel...*giggles* Anyways...do you have any idea how long this story will run? Just curious...
4/12/2006 c20 4bex17
This was so great! PLEASE update soon!
4/12/2006 c20 eyes half closed
I'm trying to find a way to say this nicely... could you please not bash abortion in your story? I really like what you write, but i'm pro choice. I know that i wouldn't have an abourtion, but my friend was raped and she got one because she didn't need any more trama. she had to be in the hospital for a while do to complications of what happened. i fully respect your opinion, but i would really apreciate it if you could make it a little less of your story. (and this whole review was not ment in a nasty way whatsoever. i don't have the right to tell you what to think.) thank you for reading this.
4/12/2006 c20 awaitinglove
Yeah, happy endning...complicated middle. Zach better keep his ass in his seat and be a good little boy before breaking them up. lol and Lizzie seems...eck. Glad Kendall and Claudia are fine though.

Update soon!
4/12/2006 c20 9InspiredSpider
POETIC or COINCIDENTAL? i was listening to the maroon 5 acoustic "she will be loved" while I read this I was like THIS GIRL KNOWS got a little freaked out but thats cooli really liked this chapter- not the charming lizzy hart but the claudia and kendall stuff was adorable. to think i used to totally hate kendall. okay update ;) ~spider~
4/12/2006 c20 2Lightning Storm
I'm so glad Kendall is goiing to stay with Claudia. I can't wait for the future chapters, Lizzy wants Jude, and Zach wants Katelyn. This is gonna be good.

Update soon.
4/11/2006 c19 6Polished Gem
NO! How can Andy think that? He must know that Laurie's not going to admit that to someone like Christina or Evan, who would exploit it. Silly boy! Now he's going to go off and make out with Christina and Laurie will get hurt. *shakes head sadly* Anyway...off the Andy and Laurie topic...I'm surprised that Katelyn hasn't figured out about the drug use yet...but she's getting suspicious...I'm assuming she'll find out in a chapter or two...anyway...I hope he can get that problem fixed and I want Andy and Laurie together! And Claudia should have just blurted it out...but I can see how that would be a hard thing to admit. I hope he takes it well enough...or that would be heartbreaking on her account. Seeing as he is the father, I hope he'll be responsible. He did say he loved her...I hope he truly means it.
4/11/2006 c18 Polished Gem
Wonderloverly...I thought you were going to make Zach kiss her while Jude and Andy were standing outside the restaurant and then there would be this whole misunderstanding...but I'm glad you didn't...less angst is probably a good thing...seeing as she's going to have a hard enough time with the fact that he's still doing drugs...too much conflict might drag them apart for good...so I think it's more realistic this way for them to end up staying together...well, so long as that's your plan...who knows...you might be planning for a bad ending...but I'm assuming not...I've just noticed that a fair amount of FP writer's set it all up and you think it's finally going to work out and then it doesn't...and since I'm a stickler for happy endings, I wail. Sorry it took so long for me to review...Gah! Exams, schoolwork...crazy life in general. Excellent work as usual.
4/11/2006 c19 isa18
Hey hey! New reviewer here! I just luff your story! It's cool and interesting! Get well soon! And also update soon please! Huggies!
4/10/2006 c19 8Out-Spoken-Runaway

Kendall isn't going to take the pregnancy thing well, is he?

Poor Andy...and she lied! She should've just admitted it! $#^(*@$^(_)*

Wow, now there whole friendship could be ruined...

_ Gah...DRAMA! Keep writing! I'm addicted.

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