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for Drug Addiction Fairytale

3/31/2006 c16 4bringmayflowers
Hi. I really like this storyI cant write much cause im about to take out the trash/etc.

Update soon
3/31/2006 c16 6Polished Gem
Good...I think Jude's getting somewhere...he might get to the point where he's able to quit if he just works with it...that's too bad about Jude...and the fact that that sort of thing happens all too often...I hope Andy gets up the courage to ask Laurie out. It's good to see him shy for once, it means he cares about her and he's not just being cocky. Anyway, good chappie...keep up the good work...and no matter which way you choose to end it, I'll be reading...
3/31/2006 c16 amelia
i kind of agree with you about the chapter, but ithink from when jude gets home is excellent. hope you update soon
3/31/2006 c16 18Isabella K Earnshaw
I can not believe I stayed up 'till 3 o'clock in the morning on a school day just to have this story leave off here. UPDATE! The story is awesome.
3/31/2006 c16 8Out-Spoken-Runaway

Jude should tell Katelyn...but good point. She might leave him...although she should help him.

Jude should get help on his own time. What if he goes to the same rehab center as Katelyn's dad? o_O BWA HAHAHAHA! Anyways, great chapter.

Keep writing!

3/31/2006 c16 2Lightning Storm
Excelent chapter. Andy really cares about Jude, thats a strong friendship you don't see very often. I can't wait to read more
3/29/2006 c15 RoraHatter
I've been reading your story none stop (I've even fallen in love with Aqualung) really you should keep it coming. I wanna see what happens between Jude and Zach, seems like it's gotta get VERY interresting
3/29/2006 c2 19Rhea Valente
Oh brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Good ol' Maccie D's! Hehehe!

Ooh.. their dad... whats up with him?

Poor Laurie! Jude was horrible to her! *slaps Jude* lol.

Reading on! loving this muchlies! ^_^

~wolfeh (12.13 in the am)
3/29/2006 c1 Rhea Valente
Okay - i read the summary n thought i'd give this i try. I am SO GLAD i did! I'm hooked! Already!

I LOVE the way you switch so effortlessly from 1st person to 3rd, lotsa ppl cant do it, but you've got it spot on!

The description, the dialogu, EVRYTHIN is perfect! I gotta read more, catch you in a bit...


(12.03 in the pm)
3/26/2006 c15 2Broken Bright Eyes
Wow this story is awesome! I adore Jude...Its really realistic. Can't wait for the next chapter!
3/26/2006 c1 2shaniebug
It's like 4:14 a.m. So far your story rocks, but I'm j/ to tired to read it all right now. I only read the 1st ch. It seems like it'll be a great story.
3/25/2006 c15 6Polished Gem
Scary...I hope Jude is okay...that can't be good...mixing all those drugs together. If he ends up getting hurt enough...then he might have to go to the hospital to get his stomach pumped and then his parents would learn about his drug use...which would be hard on him. Can't wait to find out where this is going.
3/25/2006 c14 Polished Gem
Great chapter...Sorry it took me so long to R&R...I've been busy lately...anyway...I hope that Laurie doesn't end up liking Evan, even though she said he wasn't her type...I want her to end up with Ande eventually...but not right away...so he won't be so cocky about it and won't take her for granted.
3/25/2006 c15 kjnhgtfrdefgh

Greetings wonderful author lol, I just started reading this and it's fucking amazing. Katelyn seems real to me, like anyone of my friends or other girls I go to school with. And Jude amuses me lol. Well, amazing chapter. I can't wait for you to update.


- The Celie
3/24/2006 c15 awaitinglove
okay, zach, ew. He seems nice and everything but he thinks Katelyn is single when she is SO NOT! He is going to call her and junk and Jude is going to get hella pissed off. No, this is the way things go, lol.

Anyways, i loved this chapter and the last ;D Finally getting somewhere! hehe.

Update super fast like you always do and then i won't be forced to come over to your house and demand the next chapter, k? lol o_0

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