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for Drug Addiction Fairytale

3/19/2006 c12 callista
puis j'avoir le..may i plz hav the extended version ^-^ for chapter 12
3/19/2006 c13 kimber13
i loved this chapter, update soon please
3/19/2006 c13 5horrible writer
holy shit. you update fast. you officially have a fan in me. you rock lots. this chapter was great, especially the new interactions between Jude and Katelyn. I might've liked to see a little more of Jude's POV in this chapter, but no matter. this was really long, and wow, trust me, all your readers appreciate the effort you put into this.
3/19/2006 c13 7awaitinglove
You are such an amazing writer. My God, this has to be my favorite story ever. I love all the detail, i love how it's organized, i love how you switch to different places and POV's, i love everything! I barely find any grammar errors and if there are errors, they aren't drastic.

Keep up the great work and send me extended versions when you get the chance:

Update soon!

3/19/2006 c12 1greythoughts
Aww.. so sweet. Too bad sweet guys like Jude are running out like sillicon is today..And e me the E.V please! Lol, anything for a good read. ;)
3/18/2006 c12 21Aella88
OMG...Finally...that cliffhanger was driving me insane! This is getting soo sad. I figured that Andy would find out the truth sooner or later. He already guessed it. Thank goodness he was there to pick her and Mary up. I'm so glad that she went to Jude's house. I'm starting to find a little more out about her dad thanks to Sherry, and I'm incredibly happy that she told Jude the truth. He needs to know...and I think in a way she needed to tell him. I kind of guessed that she would crawl in his bed...*grins* with the lightning and all...Anyway...I think the flashback is adorably cute. Jue liked Katelyn even back then...or he wouldn't have blushed. The way he declared that he would always protect her because it was "his manly duty" was just loveable coming frm an 8 year old boy. Except, he still remembers and he is still going to keep that promise to Keely. That is why I love Jude so much..he is a reliable person no matter what else can be said about him...Anyway, I hope he can overcome his drug addiction and always be there for Katelyn. I think he will. Also...I would abslutely love to have the extended version of the chapter! Please send it to me! You already have my email...
3/18/2006 c12 2kat liang
Please email me the extended part!

thanks! great writing by the way! love the long chapters and jude is such a sweetheart
3/18/2006 c12 8Out-Spoken-Runaway

Lol, yeh, he can be nice to people he cares about. Kevin is so horrible to Katelyn and Mary, Jude's family should adopt them. xD

Can you e-mail me the extended version? My email is
3/18/2006 c12 9InspiredSpider
DUDE? like, What HAPPENED? So I'm here, yeah, looking to see if you've updated and there are TWO? WHEN did this happen? I'm too lazy to review chapter 11 but it was EXTRA good and so was this one. I'm glad that Katelyn finally defended herself and I ESPECIALLY liked those lines in the flashback... you know, about Katelyn being the prettiest girl Jude ever saw. It was... just very good, can't explain. WELL i'm obviously NOT going to QUOTE it that'll take LONG but you KNOW. what else...? err... ow man i fell of my chair. shit. whatever anyway update ~spider~ oh YEAH i REMEMBER! no i don't. crap. it was IMPORTANT too
3/18/2006 c12 8voice.writer
That left me SO satisfied...finally, he knows. Finally.
3/18/2006 c12 15alter-ego52
How do you write such good chapters and update so quickly? This was a really good chapter. I couldn't stop reading, and I really should be practicing piano now, but this story got me hooked. Great job, I especially love the flashback and the ending.
3/18/2006 c12 2SilentWings
*gasps* aw... I wanna read on

Send me at xD (cuz I wanna read the extended chapter)
3/17/2006 c12 6Polished Gem
Aww. Sweet Chapter. Jude can be really sweet sometimes. I hope that he'll be able to get over his drug addiction. The whole chapter-minus the start-has a warm fuzzy feel to it. Very well written. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for the amazingly fast update!~Polished Gembtw, thanks for the reviews.
3/17/2006 c12 7sm babee
*sighs* Jude is such a sweetheart, thanks for such a fast update, I was pretty keen on finding out what happened

keep it up =)
3/17/2006 c12 5horrible writer
This story definitely got better later on, I could almost see your writing developing from chapter to chapter. There isn't much to complain about, but I guess you could try harder with some dialogue, especially that of Sherry's. However, just to reassure you, this story is extremely excellent. It's like a hoo hah two times Tuesday, if you know what I mean.
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