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for Drug Addiction Fairytale

3/17/2006 c12 amelia
loved the chapter...jude is soo sweet. update soon
3/17/2006 c12 whacked
aw...i totally loved jude in this chapter..which was a first cause i wasn't sure of him before..but now i totally love him! you are right..he can be incredibly sweet...you still have to tell us why he does drugs though! and even though kevin may really love his kids i hope this is his wake up call, having his two daughters run away from their own father. lets hope you make him join AA or something like that. hmm..i wonder how jude's father is going to react to all this. will be waiting for your next wonderful chapter
3/17/2006 c12 ladededa
these last 2 chapters were amazing! the way you wrote wen kevin was hitting katelyn and trying to get mary was great. i like how jude is posessive of katelyn and how he cares about her so much. the flashbacks from when they were kids helps explain y hes always there for her 2. i cant wait for another chapter! UPDATE SOON!
3/17/2006 c12 7awaitinglove
yes yes yes! haha you updated super fast ;D

I loved this chapter, very well written. I love how you have a lot of detail in your stories; it rocks!

Now that i'm finished reading this wonderful chapter (with lots of yummy jude), i can go and finish writing my 14th chapter of my story that i have not updated for two weeks :o my reviewers won't be happy, lol.

Update super fast (again). I like it when you do that :P

3/17/2006 c11 2SilentWings

Keep writing... I want to see what happens next... O.O
3/17/2006 c11 braincelldiffusion
wow. i love this story alot! great plot and characters. and i think the pairings of jude and katelyn and lauren and andy are cute. update soon!
3/16/2006 c11 8Out-Spoken-Runaway

Evil, evil Kevin. I think Laurie and Andy are cute together. ...Why don't they run to Jude's house? They live close to eachother...o_O

Anyways, keep writing! xD

3/16/2006 c11 alter-ego52
Ahh! A cliffhanger! Erghh but good chapter, once again. This is really great, nice job. I like how you show how everyone's feelings in a realistic way. Not many authors can do that. Good work.
3/16/2006 c11 amelia
wow..the chapter was very strong. when will jude find out about this? *errie music plays* the drama shall be reveled...when you update, Lol.
3/16/2006 c11 whacked
wow. I like this chapter. esp the ending. it was so terrifyingly realy. you really really really have to update soon cause i NEED to know what happens next now. and you are so sneaky..just when i had thought kevin had redeemed himself!now he simply cannot be forgiven. oh wow..i hope she's fine...ahh you have me worrying about fictional characters! i once heard somewhere that every 9 seconds a woman gets abused in america alone. now thats a seriously scary thought. some men can be so evil...i hope you update soon!
3/16/2006 c11 kimber13
oh god i cant wait fot the next chapter please hurry and update
3/15/2006 c11 21Aella88
I hope that Katelyn and Claudia actually will become friends sooner or later again. I am so excited about her and Jude being semi-together. I'm also really happy LAurie and Andy are talking now...anyways...you have to update really soon! *pleading eyes* It is such a cliffhanger! And Kevin was doing so well for awhile. I think she can't hide it this time, Jude is going to find out, or Andy will tell him...btw...thank Polished Gem for referring me here...*grins*
3/15/2006 c11 8voice.writer

Does Jude find out? He's really a sweet guy...he'd know what to do.

3/15/2006 c11 7awaitinglove
omg, i love this story so much but i think i already told you that. lol.

Yes, Jude and Katelyn are definately getting "there" and i hate it when her dad hits her, it sucks.

Update super fast okay?

Much Love,

3/15/2006 c10 1Katsui Adonis

This was an awesome chapter..:D

I hope you get over your writers block because I love this story.
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