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for Drug Addiction Fairytale

3/15/2006 c11 7sm babee
om-gosh...that was so cruel, poor girl

oh and sweet Jude..haha I love that guy

keep it up =)
3/15/2006 c11 6Polished Gem
Hmm. I'm catching an Andy/Laurie possibility. I don't know if it will happen, seeing as Ande doesn't care for longterm girlfriends. Thinks it's too much work. But they were kind of cute together...plus I want Laurie to be happy. She wasn't as sad about Jude and Katelyn as I thought she'd be. That was good because I expected her to harbor hurt feelings-even if she didn't show them outwardly. But maybe Ande will take an interest in her and it will also work out.Also, I wonder how you're going to work out this problem with her dad because I don't think that he's suddenly going to wake up one day and say "Hmm! I don't think I'll drink anymore!" Anyway...good stuff as usual. Always an enjoyment to read.~Polished Gem
3/12/2006 c10 amelia
that was so cute... jude and katelyn deserve each other. and kendall deserved what he got. keep up the good work
3/10/2006 c10 8Out-Spoken-Runaway

The way Kendall looked at Claudia in chapter 8 or 9...O_O, thats not natural.

*cough* anyways, heh, I wasn't expecting that so much. He loves her, and I think she's either denying or...uh...hasn't realized it. o_O Anyways, keep writing!

3/10/2006 c10 hikariarriane
hey it's me again! geez girl you really make the story out of something. it's the best one i've read so far! hey finsih it for me... plez! i really like it! A LOT!
3/10/2006 c9 hikariarriane
ei ei ei! i'll be watching you ahehe... well, the story... i mean.i like like like it... ei ei, write give it more a twist or somethin' hehe. i had a classmate who used to treat drugs as his LIFE... now, i see a different side of a drug dependent... i like Jude. He and his soft though dark side... and Katelyn's being an average high school girl...yeah. hehe... excellent job... wee wee wee.
3/9/2006 c10 1Psycho Parfait
... Oh my god, I love this story. And I love you for making it! Jude and Katelyn are freaking -adorable- when they have their moments, especially in this chapter. And just when I was starting to slightly like Claudia, just maybe, she has to go and do that. Argh. Even though we all knew it was gonna happen. But, Kendall = death. Double rargh. Let's see.. JudeXKatelyn forever, and AndyXLaurie forever! Oh, yes. I really love the idea, and the style of the story. Plus, the whole song idea, really awesome. It gives a great effect. Wonderful job! Write more soon!
3/8/2006 c10 21Aella88
*wails* Hopefully you are over your writer's block! I'm all caught up and loving it. I am actually sort of happy Kendall cheated on her. Weird I know. But now he is with the perfect person for him ,and soon Katelyn will be with her perfect person...now I'm waiting for Andy and LAurie! Anyways...I'm so happy! He admitted it! I can't wait to see him possessive and I hope Katelyn's dad will clean up as well as Jude cleaning up. At least by the end...I can't wait for the next chapter!
3/8/2006 c9 Aella88
I love Andy. He seems like a sweet character. Why do I get a feeling that he suspects what is going in KAtelyn's life? I feel bad for her when she saw Laurie kiss Jude, but she did bring it on by saying she doesn't like him. I feel like strangling him for going to do more drugs after making her cry. I get the feeling he's having doubts though by the way he was thinking of everyone there...
3/8/2006 c8 Aella88
Wow! He asked for a kiss this time! Anyways...I don't think he'd be a person to take risks with little kids. However...I can't believe he lied to his parents, OK, maybe I can, but that was a close major uh-oh! I really hope Kendall ands up with Claudia again...he seems like he could be a caring person...I also hope Andy ends up with Laurie, because I declare Jude as taken by Katelyn! *grins*
3/8/2006 c10 7sm babee
oh this is getting so interesting, do update soon...I want to find out what would happen when Laurie finds out what is happening between them

keep it up =)
3/8/2006 c10 alter-ego52
Ahh, once again, another exciting chapter. Very well-written, I love it. Can't wait for more! And good luck with that writer's block lol...
3/8/2006 c7 21Aella88
OH! He kissed her! *squeals in joy* I really hope he saves her from Kendall on homecoming or something dramatic like that...anyway...I feel bad that LAurie likes Jude...no matter how he denies it he loves Katelyn...I also find it really sad that her dad doesn't realize what he does to them...he loves them though...anyways...Jude's little brother adn sister are cute...and MAry is now Sarah's friend! Yay!
3/8/2006 c6 Aella88
Wow! I really don't like Kendall...even though I barely know him so far. I like Jude's mother...and if their little sisters become friends maybe they will draw closer! Anyway...It's really sad with their dad and all. He doesn't know what he does when he is drunk...he seems really caring otherwise, and I really hope all works out well in the end. Also...she lied to Jude about the bruise, which I think will make him madder when he really finds out if he ever does.
3/8/2006 c5 Aella88
I love that Jude has a tender side, and I as the reader get to see it. He reminds me a lot of Katelyn actually with her little sister. So...LAurie likes Jude...but she thinks that him and Katelyn love each other...I say she is right! I'm gonna go now to read more though...I happen to not be liking Kendall and Claire...
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