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3/8/2006 c10 9InspiredSpider
oh... that was good. YEAH! You let Jude beat up Kendall! For some reason i desperately wanted that to happen. and Katelyn/Jude stuff was brilliant and claudia's a little bit of a hoe(a nice hoe, considering... but a hoe all the same)this is a short review but i hope you don't take TOO long to update... i can forgive you a little bit seeing as you're amazing and normally update every two or three days alright bye ~spider~ oh yeah and can we have a little more "Jude The Rebel" kind of thing next chapter? please? ok thankz luvya
3/8/2006 c10 4EvangelineGoth
This chapter was absolutly lovely. I loved it! Jude totally RULES!
3/8/2006 c4 21Aella88
Why did I get a faint suspicion that Laurie knows what neither of the other two understand. They may realize slightly that they like each other, but I think Laurie knows that they both love one another. *coughs* About the since eighth grade love...what about a since kindergarten love? Even if it was a love hate thing at first? *giggles* OK...I'll stop with my unsubtle hints...
3/8/2006 c3 Aella88
*gasps* It's getting so good. It's really sad how much her dad changed. I bet if Jude saw that bruise he'd be furious! I'm hoping her and Laurie become better friends and maybe she'll have someone to confide in besides a 5 year old who she has to defend.
3/8/2006 c2 Aella88
*giggling* First crayons, now action figures? *raised brow* What's next? Anyway...I love it...and I am going to definitely agree with his mom that they are made for each other. Now to champion them into eternity..or unti lthe story ends...preferably with them together! LOL...anyways...I love Katelyn and Mary...she seems like a really sweet big sister and Mary adores her...although she probably has to take care of Mary, she does it nicely...
3/8/2006 c1 Aella88
OH! I like it a lot so far. It has romance and drama...angst and a unusually funny feud. I know I am going to enjoy this! It was actually sent to my by someone else who read it...however...I know I am probably going to drive you crazy with all of my theories as to what's going to happen next...and my impossible to correct hopeful attitude when I decide that two people should end up together...*grins*
3/7/2006 c10 6Polished Gem
Wow. That was an amazing chapter. Finally! I was waiting for this! But I have a feeling that the story's far from over. Their relationship is just beginning...plus there's his drug problem and then there's her dad beating her problem. So much to be resolved. Plus...that was a cute kiss...but not an end kiss...I thought the joke was cute...but you could tell by the joke that there was more to come...In the end there's got to be a real kiss-not that the other one wasn't real, but I think you know what I mean.
3/7/2006 c10 ladededa
yes...it finally happened. this chapter was awesome. i liked how jude was protective of katelyn. it was cute. cant wait for an update!
3/7/2006 c9 StargazerLily181
I loved it! Please update quickly. :D
3/7/2006 c10 7awaitinglove

lol, this chapter was so sweet and probably my favortie one ever, in the whole wide world! It rocked that much. Jude is so hot my God and i'm glad katelyn finally came to her senses; she better fall in love with Jude if she hasn't already!

I'm glad that Jude comforted her and it was very well written because usually when some girl gets their heart broken or something they act totally useless and pathetic but Katelyn didn't seem that way to me. Like, she was but she was stronger at the same time.

Udpate like super-woman, i'm serious!

Much love,

3/7/2006 c10 8voice.writer

FINALLY! Oh I have been waiting and waiting for this. Again, wonderful. And I love how you explained Kendall's reason for cheating on girls...character development, oh yeah!

I'm seriously on a "Drug Addiction Fairytale" high right now!
3/6/2006 c9 9SolisLuna
Sweet story, update soon!

3/6/2006 c9 9InspiredSpider
omg your great you always update so quickly unlike ME (but i AM suffering writers block) anyway... hm. what was i going to say. oh yeah WHOA laurie knows how to get what she wants doesn't she? I like her though and JUDE made Katelyn CRY? that was callous BUT... I can see why you did it. Jude's a little bit messed up. Sexy, but messed up. And high. Charlie Brown... legendary SNOOPY Oh! Can't WAIT til next chapter will Jude show up anway, without laurie and swoon (omg i said swoon i'm such a loser) Katelyn? Will Kendall spontaneously combust? nah i'm jokin he's just one of those characters you love to hate. speaking of love, I really do LOVE andy he's hilarious. it's still hard for me to see how genuine Claudia really is because... well i dunno anyway got to go update soon as always (ah bless ya) ~spider~
3/6/2006 c9 4EvangelineGoth
This story gets better and beter! UPDATE SOON!
3/5/2006 c9 8Out-Spoken-Runaway

Jude is so mean. Actually, Jude makes me think of this TV character. xD Anyways, great chapter. Keep writing.

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