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for Drug Addiction Fairytale

3/5/2006 c9 humangus
I absolutely love your story! I just read all of the chapters, and I think it's great, even if you do have some minor grammar errors. Don't worry, I suck at grammar too. By the way, I love Jude. He is exactly like my best friend. Totally cocky but really good-looking and he knows it. But I love him anyway. Well, update ASAP!

3/5/2006 c9 alter-ego52
Great chapter. I loved the whole scene between Katelyn and Jude. Very dramatic but realistic. Nice job; can't wait to read more.
3/5/2006 c9 Cherise
I can't believe Jude. He pisses Katelyn off and makes her cry...so what does he do? Goes and gets high. He's crazy, man.
3/5/2006 c9 Peace-lovers
im loving this story please update soon
3/5/2006 c9 amelia
yea! thanks for including me.jude was mean, i'm glad katelyn slapped him. keep up the good work and update soon. :)
3/5/2006 c8 6Polished Gem
It's rather infuriating the way Katelyn can't seem to see beyond her own nose. If only she would realize that she actually likes Jude in that way. But then again, people do that all the time...not see the truth, I mean. I just wish she would...because Kendall's kind of annoying and a real jerk. You know, the self-centered type.Ah...as for the preview...I'm saying Kendall kissed the other girl...but would it really matter if it were the other way around? He would still have kissed her back. I hope this brings Katelyn to her senses so she'll dump him. She deserves better. I want her to end up with Jude...and I'm hoping that Laurie will fall for someone else so she doesn't get hurt.
3/5/2006 c8 whacked
aww. i love mary. she's so adorable. my little sister is nothing like her. she's totally a spoilt brat.. at nine and being the youngest doesn't help any (but i still love her to bits...sigh) i like how you showed us a more human side of kendall today, although he's still a complete jerk it's good to know he's also human and is capable of feeling like the rest of the characters (often authors just make their jock/cheerleaders/antagonists cruel without feelings, which can be pulled off with some characters, and others not so much). i hope laurie liking jude doesn't make her lose her friendship with katyln in the end..that would be sad. the only thing im a little unsure in your story is about how all-too-perfect looking your characters seem to be. but ah well i can deal with that! i shall look forward to more..and that teaser has really peaked my interest! (so update update!)
3/4/2006 c8 15alter-ego52
Wow, another exciting chapter. That was really awesome. The only thing I have to say is that, when Jude's parents found the marijuana, I would have thought that they would have been kinda mad that his friends were using it. Still, that was a really great chapter, and you added a really suspenseful preview at the end. Can't wait to read more!
3/4/2006 c8 9InspiredSpider
Look! I'm BACK! (disappointed? lol) I was going to review earlier but my computer was being all premenstrual and wouldn't let me (that was a wierd comparison...) and uh! Kendall is OFFICIALLY HATED he's like out of my good books (he was never in them but WHATEVER let's not get NITPICKY) and he's on my "I'm Planning to Kill You With Cheesecake" List. He's too good even for that though, I LIKE cheesecake so it wouldn't matter to me. So the kids love Jude huh? I can see why. I love Jude. Andy is top banana (that's right I said BANANA)but i seriously think you should reconsider the drag queen thing it would add so much DEPTH to your story hahaha omg I'm funny haha. Yes yes this is a good chapter i need more JUDE/KATELYN action (ah Katelyn my favourite sweet but clueless character)DON'T give Kendall a conscience because i like hating him because he's the slimiest lima bean on earth (yeah i heard myself I am aware I don't make sense)and if HE feels guilty then I'll just have to think that's he's not to blame, he's a possessed man in LOVE with whatsherface... Claudia! BTW Simon Cowell is my hero cos he reminds me of me OMG maybe he IS me in another form OMG can you BELIEVE this I AM SIMON COWELL (WTF am I TALKING about?) okay update soon and i'll luvya ~spider~ Oh yeah! did you notice how normal I was today? It's because I didn't review at like ten to midnight. you might not THINK this is normal but it's AS GOOD AS
3/4/2006 c8 4EvangelineGoth
I really like this story! It's ver original! I especially like Jude...droolworthy!
3/4/2006 c1 amelia
kool story. i hope you update soon
3/4/2006 c8 3megyanna
i really like your story and i am looking forward to some more. does any of her friends or jude find out about her dad
3/3/2006 c8 Shelly
Good story. Andy's POV was a bit weird since I thought the story would focus on Jude and Katelyn, but it's easy to skim over that part ;)
3/3/2006 c8 5ShadowYellowEyes
Good story, I'm interested, curious, wanting to read more, but there's something I have to throw out there: you have a time listed at 12:30 am, and I know that this is nit-picky, but I have serious issues with these things. 12:30 am is midnight, just so that you know. People always mess that up, I used to for years, but now it sorta messes with my comprehension. When I read it a few times, I understood it, but I just thought you might be interested. (If you don't believe me, watch a clock with an am/pm light on it. 11:59 am will change to 12:00 pm.) Just to let you know. ~Shadow
3/3/2006 c8 hikariarriane
hey... i like your story... keep it up... i'll be hoping for the next chapter!
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