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for Drug Addiction Fairytale

1/20/2008 c9 2pretitiful

i really like this story.

this is my fave. part

“Snow white was a very white girl. She was a slave. She ate an apple or something from her mom...or was it her grandma? Whatever. She died, being buried in a glass coffin thing.”

“...That’s not the way it goes!”

“Whatever. As if I really care about some white girl and five dwarfs.”


Even though Jude can be an ass i like him a lot.


i'll review after i read some more.
1/14/2008 c15 xbrunnettex0
this story is soo good.. i wish Jude would stop doing drugs.. i hate drugs... but hopefulyl hell stop.. update soon!
1/1/2008 c15 Lochi
wow Claudia's pregnant :o

I hope you'll update soon, I'm addicted to ur story =) And Jude needsa to stop taking drugs! Oh and Andy and Laurie are just sweet =)
1/1/2008 c13 Lochi
I'm glad Kevin's going to the clinic, finally he'll be normal again, hopefully. Oh and Andy and Laurie are funny couple. I know they aren't a couple yet, but they kinda act like one =)) And then Jude and Katelyn...wonderful =) Nice job.
12/31/2007 c9 Lochi
yay =) It was pretty eventful night for them huh. Kendall is a pig, but somehow I don't mind Claudia that much. She loves him and she has all the time I think, she seemed very emotional being with Kendall, she wasn't acting like a bitch this time. So I don't know, I would say Kendall was wrong there...he should have broken up with Katelyn first and then he could have screwed Claudia. huh thats all i wanted to say lol great chapter =)
12/31/2007 c8 Lochi
u described pretty well the ppl who were taking drugs..it was a bit scary too...oh and the guy who'd killed her mom was high...now I understand why she can't stand Jude and he's so stupid. I have no words for him, he isn't able to stop =( But good chapter anyway=)
12/31/2007 c6 Lochi
super chapter! First kiss huh =) He needs to quit taking drugs =( Oh and Kendall...I bet she'll catch her cheating right =( I can't wait to read the rest, good job =)
12/31/2007 c3 Lochi
hi, I'm so glad to find ur story. It seems pretty cool to me so far =) I like it that your characters aren't flawless, but I'm feeling sorry for Katelyn and Mary..
12/21/2007 c15 SapphireEyes16
i luv this story! so keep updating!
12/1/2007 c15 2into the black
Hey Jude...don't make it bad. Take a sad song and TELL KATELYN THE BAD THINGS YOU'VE BEEN DOING!
11/29/2007 c15 Diamandis
Love this. Your very talented. Update soon!
11/28/2007 c15 23Sweetly Sarcastic
jeeze, add a gay kid and you'd have every problem in the book. This is really good- please update soon!
11/28/2007 c15 not.a.spoiled.brat
well dont worry about it. atleast u did update. which by the way it was a good chapter.but i didnt like that jude lied to katelyn shes gonna find out sooner or later. well please update soon!
11/28/2007 c15 Lady R
I'm really enjoying re-reading this story. I didn't think you could make it any better, but you have. I really like the changes that have been made to the chapters.
11/28/2007 c15 xHUGx
yay, you updated !


wow, Claudia's pregnant. i sort of expected that though. i mean, i wasn't surprised since . . . well, you know. man, if i were pregnant . . . i don't even WANT to think about it. my parents would shoot me first and then kick me out. (if that were possible, of course).

anyway, what really got to me was when Jude lied straight to her face. i didn't feel angry, i just felt . . . sad? because i know he wants to quit really, really bad but then he just . . . can't.

i wonder how Katelyn will react to that.

will she walk in on him doing some?

or will she, i don't know, smell it on him?

he needs to get help.

i'm glad that Mary and Katelyn's dad are getting help with his problem. happyfamilytime!

ahh, Laurie and Andy. so damn cute. glad that you didn't exclude them and their lives from the story. why can't he just ask her out ?

Jude needs to tell someone (else? i can't recall if he told Andy or not) his secret so it'll help him move on. maybe he needs help from a professional . . .

anyway, i have much more musing and random thoughts about this chapter but i'll stop here. ;P haha. thanks for the update!

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