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for Drug Addiction Fairytale

11/27/2007 c15 14Halani
Ah, so I did review last time! I forgot. Whoops.

But now with the new review!

I gotta say, I'm starting to love Jude. Even though he lied to Katelyn. I hope he'll try to stop doing drugs.

This chapter was really good and I feel so bad for Claudia. It's kinda weird reading about Kendall though because that's like my name, so it feels kinda weird, but then I get over it, but then I forget that you're writing about guy Kendall and I'm like "Wait what?" So yeah. I'm stupid enough to actually get confused by that. Wowzers i'm pathetic

Awesomely fantabulous!

11/27/2007 c14 EdwardDazzlesMe
Are all the chapters for this story up? I mean, can I start the sequel? ;)
11/27/2007 c14 1September Sapphire
11/18/2007 c14 2into the black
This is amazing! There's so much passion and emotion...it's better than some damned cheesy soap opera! You must update soon because I can't wait to find out what happens next with Jude and Katelyn and Zach!
11/18/2007 c14 7awaiting.rain
i read this story when you first posted it, and i dont really remember this chapter..is it new?
11/18/2007 c13 23Sweetly Sarcastic
Wow, so there's this kid at my school named Barry Evans and he's a wrestler. That's weird.

And this story is so good! It seems a little cliched at times, but right after I think so, something happens and it's not at all. I love it- update soon please!
11/17/2007 c14 Diamandis
I love this story.
11/15/2007 c14 xHUGx
i like it! i never read your original draft, but i've seen it around. i like the fact that the girl is the popular one instead of the guy being the classic jock that notices the quet girl, or whatever. and the drug thing. glad that's being taken seriously. i wonder if he's goning to stop just for her.

i was on the bus this morning, and i was sitting beside this girl. it was so awkward because this guy was sitting in front of me and then he turns around to talk to the girl beside me. he said something about "dimes" or whatever, and how his friend gave him 10 of those. at first i had NO IDEA what he was talking about, and then he was like, "yo, i smoked ALL of it last night . . . i felt like i was on a cloud, i was so high, man."

and i had to stop myself from either outwardly gawking at him, or slapping his face.

fools like that have no idea what they're doing to their bodies and affecting their future. well, they probably DO, but they don't have the will power to stop them selves, or the motivation to just . . . quit.

i digress, but my point is, if Jude falls in love with Kate, then would he REALLY stop? the only reason he started with was because the teacher molested him, correct? but he should've gotten over by that . . . unless it scarred him forever since it was so horrifying (that teacher needs a bitch slap) ahem. but then he got so into it, it's hard to stop.

i don't know any feelings like that, where the addiction is so strong that i'm weak against it . . . or something. but i'm just wondering how you'll show and develop Jude slowly quitting on drugs.

IF you're going to make him stop . . . doing whatever he's doing.

Andy should bitch slap him and knock his head against the wall.

i'm curious to see how you're going to write it out. and the reactions, and the hardship he has to go through to overcome it. i'm pretty sure he isn't stupid enough to choose drugs over Katelyn.

i'll jump into the screen and kick him, if that's the case.

ahem, anyway. i really don't have anything against your characters (except that off-screen teacher who needs a good few finger-ripping-out-of-socket moments . . .) but yeah.

that's my review. slightly long, but . . . right. xD love it, love it, LOVE IT!
11/10/2007 c14 9TheFallenHeroine
First off, I'd like to say your story is brilliant.

The reason for Judes drug addiction, I was not expecting.

It's obvious you're a great storywriter, and for that, keep up the good work (:

11/8/2007 c14 antimisanthrope
Yay! I love your story. You're a great writer, and I can't wait for more, so I can move onto the sequel of this! :)
11/8/2007 c14 not.a.spoiled.brat
AW. ohw sad. that a teacher molest jude. but he should stop doing drugs! i hope katelyn makes him promise and he doesnt break it. well hope u update soon.and and i hope zach doesnt get in the way of jude and katelyn being together.please. i hope they just stay friends.and i hope that katelyn's dad get better soon. well hope u update soon.
11/8/2007 c14 14Halani
Snap crapple pop! Dude, that was like... wowzers! At least now we know why Jude started drugs (yes, I AM stating the obvious). Shoo, that was an amazing TWO chapters! That's one thing I'm starting to love about you! ;D

Anyway, those TWO chapters were absolutely wowzers! I hope you will update whenever you can.

=) Halani
11/8/2007 c12 uusernname
I love this story, please update asap!
11/8/2007 c12 LetMeWriteYouAStory
[lazy to log in haha]

Great job writing the story! I've read the whole thing and you continue to amaze me! It's about time that Kevin need to get help! YAY GO CHRIS. :]

And Jude, m, man would I love to have him, heh but I'll congratulate him being with Katelyn! Keep me updated. I get e-mails from you if you update another chapter :] yes, a story alert e-mail. Yay go me. Haha! Keep it up!
11/7/2007 c12 not.a.spoiled.brat
aw. how sad that he wont be seeing his children. but he does need some serious help. well hope u update soon.i love jude. hes so sweet punching every kid that treats katelyn bad. =]]
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