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4/26/2007 c19 18pinkfluffyoranges
Wow finnally your back! aw man this chapter was soo odd, you better put those back together otherwise my heart will be forever broken and ill become a shrivel old shrewd!
4/26/2007 c3 xbluxmoonx
whoa, interesting. very nice chapters! definitely will have to continue reading. ^_^
4/26/2007 c19 28woodstock1969
You're back! Yay! Argh! That was so painful! I wanted to cry. Misunderstandings just screw everything in life up. Ok, just as a question, when you mentioned putting up an epilogue, is that going to be after this chaper or one more? I'm really hoping for one more, since I couldn't bear it if Sammy and Kyle just ended up apart due to such a horrid misunderstanding for the rest of their lives. I'd pretty much bawl. Anyway, update soon!
4/26/2007 c19 4Lorango911
NO you leave the chapter hanging again and my tears are about ready to FAL... i kept rereading it over and was all... "NO! What was Kyle thinking! That's what he gets for spying! ARRGGH hurry and post the last chapter and the 2 part epilogue. When i finished reading i almost had a heart attack thinking you had ended it the way you did.. I mean I guess I wouldn't be upset if they didn't end up together but I read this other story that started off great but ended horrible because there wasn't any closure. That almost made me wanna cry cuz the main character pretty much ran away from everything rather than facing the problems. anyway, i liked this chapter.. hurry update soon!
4/26/2007 c19 x Tequila Moonlight x
oh my god, i feel so bad for Sammy i was so shocked that he would say that to her and i really really really hope that he didnt sleep with candice cause that would be so raunchy! lol sorry i hope you had fun on vaca great job and update soon!
4/26/2007 c19 8EquilibriCal
Aw how sh'ad :'( ! LOL!

I don't believe Kyle just went and slept with Candice without even talking to Sammy ... that is just like so rude man! HAHA
4/26/2007 c19 Preethy
I love it.

especially the last part where it said

'As for Kyle?'

'Kyle who?'

that was funny.

4/26/2007 c11 1krystalle101
i really liked the way you ended this chapter by drew finally coming out and being GAY that was so like funny!
4/26/2007 c19 ladyofdarkness79
still reading your story. i was wondering when you will be updating but i understand how going away for awhile and not updating. glad the trip was amazing. well, back to the story. please update soon. can't wait to find out what happens with sammy and kyle. So update soon please.

4/26/2007 c19 1goodbyemylover
oh my gosh...poor sammy!

and did he really sleep with candice after prom?

because that's about a low as a guy can get.

geez, if i was sammy i would have knocked him out myself!

ahaha, i'm really glad you updated though.

and i hope the next one is REALLY soon.

keep up the good work!

and i'll be sad when this is over, but i can't wait to hear the ideas for your future stories!

update REALLY soon!
4/26/2007 c19 8Out-Spoken-Runaway

Geez...that's...so WOW. I can't believe it! But seriously, is Kyle THAT fucking stupid? ...ARGH, is it going to be a happy or sad ending? Keep writing!

4/20/2007 c18 biznitch10
What is with the no posting? Have you died, or gotten a super case of writers block. . . I'd rather eat my own heart than go another day with out an update. Yea, that's a little gross, but w/e. Please update! . . . . SOON!
4/13/2007 c18 biznitch10
Jeez. . . it's been over a month. What the heck is the hold up? Am I gonna be forced to slaughter you?
4/9/2007 c18 9InspiredSpider
woo hey yo wat's up hi.

whew good chapter who'd have thought sammy wud hav it in her lol aw i feel sad i can't believe this story is winding down you know i just realised i've been reviewing you for more than a year... thats crazy init anyway wow sorry still trying to recover from this chapter lol i knew we were the same of COURSE i watch skins or used to until it ended the other day aw maxxie dat sexy guy y r all the best ones gay? and don't speak wow just wow lol dat's my new thing btw just saying "wow" all the time

you know my head is hurtin cos i was painting all weekend and i think i got a lil high off the paint fumes (hehe) but then i started watching jeremy kyle this morning and he gave me a real headache o wow and y is evry1 turnin 18 xcept 4 me? it's a lil random but i hav 2 wait til august an its not fair...

bloody fictionpress. agh boo. wow. rite wat else o yeh i'm still over xcited for the next chapter so update soon b4 im old init lol until wheneva ~spider~ ps o an sorry 4 not reviewing earlier but there was this thing where i was then and then something o boo lol. and you're going to ghana? not fair... they do the best chocolates you know... ok hav fun unless ur reading this after you've already been in which case "omg did u try any of the chocolates?" LOL bye x
4/8/2007 c18 28Lyrical.Love
this is a great story =]

i love how your writing has improved from the beginning

update soon!
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