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for Through a child's eyes

9/5/2006 c1 30LittleTaintedOne
That was very beautiful and true. I do miss my childhood because I never really had one, tragedy tore it to shreds. But, yes i do think we have much in common and thank you for the reviews.
5/17/2006 c1 31Suicidal Romance
aww! this one is really nice. i totally luvers it!

3/9/2006 c1 197the Stranger in the moonlight
I liked this thf low was generally good and i really liked these lines

"To look once again through

the eyes of our youth

will bring us back from

our world of bitter truth."

It was bliss and I wish it was still.

I thought the lovely flow of your poem was sort of disrupted by these lines

"only to be a comforting memory

for us to remember." You call it a memory and then you add to remember, it might just be me, but it sort of adds a obviousness that is not needed.


the Stranger in the moonlight.
1/28/2006 c1 B34utifulDr34mer
i know i say this for almost every poem you write but this really is one my fav poems of yours. there's nothing more important than holding on to your childhood and you know that we both hold that in the highest honor.
1/11/2006 c1 review
i wish it were easier to look back through our childhood eyes. that would be...i dunno. i liked this a lot.
1/5/2006 c1 Herminia
You did a very good job on this poem. Very well written. Kudos.
1/1/2006 c1 72The-Original-Neko
i find it sad that people lose there memories as child or we chosse to forget them and only hold on to a few specails once nad place them in our pockets and let them get lost in there only to be remember when we empty everything out years after

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