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3/26/2006 c1 Desi Pixie
Loved it. I commented about it on MSN, I think. :)
3/12/2006 c1 midnight-kisses
that was really weird, not the story, the fact i didn't realise she was dead! i liked the subtle hints, well, not subtle but i can be dim when it comes to these things!
2/11/2006 c1 129Oriel Lysandra
I could see where this was going the isntant the shoes were missing. :D A great ending, although the beginning is a bit choppy. The flow is heavily interuppted by the consistent pronoun/subject , verb. format. My only suggestion is that you try and rewrite the first paragraph using a subject other than "She".
2/8/2006 c1 4Cadvan39
Nice! I liked the way you had it set up, so that the reader won't be exactly sure what's going on, until the very end. Keep writing! :)
1/30/2006 c1 3TheDawnOfMyEra
I've read something like this before. :S I cant put my finger on it but...nonetheless its great
1/24/2006 c1 34Ethereal Kisses

Thanks so much for your review!

Wow, this was just great. I especially love the way you didn't bring in the title until the last line, and how you left teh reader hanging - personally I was expecting from the title something about her boyfriend cheating on her, but you blew my expectations out of the water!

Very well done,

~ Ethereal Kisses ~
1/9/2006 c1 50Kristina Suko
That was well written and weirdly cool. I liked it.
1/5/2006 c1 Nagia
Hey Hemani =DI read the storyomg she was always the last to know even thought she was dead and she didn't know it? yikes...wierd...she didn't know that she was dead...that's sad =( =P lol ttyl BYE
1/2/2006 c1 Awning Sigguy
Whoa. I loved this. It was very short, but incredibly well-written. I can really feel Allsion's bitterness.
1/2/2006 c1 1Yumi-Ishiyama710
Aw... that's unfortunate. Nicely written and good amount of details.

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