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6/24/2006 c2 96Pandakun84
Cool. I really like this so far, probally because I can relate. Please update...I would love to see where this is going.
5/22/2006 c2 4nadorj
I really love this story!
5/4/2006 c1 16BearClaw
hm ... who dose this remind me of..?..*cough* *cough*...
4/13/2006 c1 8spasticflautist
This story seems so realistic...bittersweet...and altho it seems it would only be bitter ((not sweet))i think it's a mix of both...it really helps you understand cutters in a deeper way...i'm in love with it.I have no constructive critism, just praise.You may not want to, but I think you could add onto this with another chapter, then again, maybe not...Anyways, thanks for the awesome story...
1/2/2006 c2 2quillenchanted
Wow. That was really good. Very realistic. I'm hoping that wasn't from personal experience. No one should have to go throug that. Either way, you are a very talented writer, and I can't wait to read the next chapter.~Kiara

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