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4/14/2007 c2 7mare-girl
it is such a touching story hope you updating our story. I could really relate to it.
4/14/2007 c1 mare-girl
you got a bit side-tracked but otherwise it was good
10/6/2006 c2 9Sakura Taking
Stuck between a rock and a hard place...this is sounding really good so far. Keep it up!
10/2/2006 c2 8shining gem
Yo! I'm starting to get interested... Does this story have actual fantasy in it?
10/2/2006 c2 8incandescente
i liked the way you placed sally in a tight spot, because it shows being popular is a desirable trait in all persons. mm. continue writing!
10/2/2006 c1 incandescente
first off, i liked the way you expressed the persona's feelings. eg. 'psyched(my friend taught me that)' i loved that line!

mm i do get wind of a few grammar mistakes and such.

this is interesting.
9/30/2006 c2 16brokendreams21
NO! Don't leave your true friends behind! That popular girl is out to get you! Anyways...I'm so glad that you actually decided to continue a story. It's amazing how you have so many stories on the go yet you still remember the plots to each one. Great chapter! I really like it! I hope that you continue this one. It's getting interesting!
1/15/2006 c1 dragon of the water
wow that was really good. ya think you could make a second chp? and is the girl the one who finds the hut? very good and update soon!
1/15/2006 c1 brokendreams21
Yay! I love stories. Lol. But the only stories that I've been reading are fanfics. Too bad for me. Hahaha. Keep writing the story. You should finish it. And the rhetorical question at the end for effect added onto the suspense. Good job! (Remember to keep writing. Or else I will stop writing too. =P)

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