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for Forbidden

2/22/2006 c1 17life like whoa
You are beautifully talented. I love where this is going, I love how you describe everything so delicately and paint such a flawless picture in my mind without overduing it.

I must read more...!
2/16/2006 c4 3DeliciouslyAngelus
Plane rides are so evil. Especially with the damn sun attacking your eyes and you can't bring the blinds down until after take-off! Haha! Keep up the good work! Oh by the way, I spot a typing error ^^

Is my dag dying" = Is my dog dying"-line 21 and 22
2/6/2006 c3 DeliciouslyAngelus
He is a vamp! Muahahaha! I'm sure of it babe ;)

Keep writing! I'll wait for your update haha!

Modern vampy meeting in the coffee place? Thats touche. X)
1/30/2006 c1 1ShadowChronicler
Very good.

And for the dream god, It is a secret like Voldemort,you have to wait and see who the secret master is.
1/28/2006 c2 foodaddict

That little outburst aside, I like where you're going. :D But check your second to the last line, honey, and replace "complement" with "compliment". :D Grammatical perfectionists like me are a pain, I know. :D

But vampires aren't really a kid's subject. :D I dunno. :D Just my point of view. It really isn't that odd for someone grown up to be reading about them. :D

Kick me if you disagree. :D
1/24/2006 c1 foodaddict
Suddenly, I want to curl up with Starbucks and my copy of fairytales...bad girl, you made me feel all whimsical and nostalgic... :D
1/23/2006 c1 3Rana Dae wanderersshadow
good start, please continue.
1/23/2006 c1 14reality-forsaken
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