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for Can Love Conquer All

7/23/2013 c20 Myrtho
Please finish i really love this story and good story abd congradulation
7/5/2012 c4 DivinelyMyself
Amazing story ! I love the relationship between them !
4/15/2011 c20 XxSiennaxX
I really love your story so far and would love it if you would consider continuing and finishing it!

I hope you'll write more soon and I can't wait to find out how the situation is resolved
12/3/2010 c20 Alixermixer
I really wish that you would come back and finish this story it is soo good.
5/28/2010 c20 theirdre
Just reading Can Love Conquer All. I love it. This story was well written. Please update soon. Do you have any more stories in the works. Good job.
1/3/2010 c1 leopassion90
this story is so good and i love billie and leo and the whole cast...well except for ben and that creepy teacher guy. and i'm dying to find out what happens so will you please FINISH THE DANG STORY! THANK YOU!
10/11/2009 c20 LovingBlackParadise1
I LOVE THIS STORY .. Update esoon
9/21/2009 c20 Philly Girl
I stumbled onto this story over the weekend and I'm so glad I gave it a chance! At first, I thought the Daniel and Kathleen's relationship was rushed, but you moved the story along so that their "whirlwind" romance was easier to accept. I thought some of Kate's decisions weren't well thought out, but then I remembered that she is only 18 and still has a lot of maturing to do. I am so hoping that Joe will finally move on, Ben get his just reward and Herchk get put away for a long, long time.

Plese don't let this story fall by the wayside!
7/22/2009 c20 BhamBabe
great story i hope u finish it
1/15/2009 c20 konichiwa2u
great story! please update soon, im eager to finish it!=D
12/16/2008 c20 4RunFree
wow...really really good...please update...
11/18/2008 c20 mekaky
love this stroy:)

can't wait to read more
11/2/2008 c20 citable
i wanted to know if you were ever gonna finish this story because me and a friend of mine have been reading this story from the beginning.
8/8/2008 c20 1HisFiestyBeauty
Amazing story! Im dying for more!
2/29/2008 c20 mystic.fox
I hope you decide to update soon because I absolutely love this story.
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