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for EQUAL: Season I

1/28/2006 c2 28TolkienLover
Yet again I am amazed at your innovativeness and attention to detail; I had to re-read the paragraph where the fake Josie catches the car keys with her right hand instead of her left before I understood how they knew she was a fake-that was brilliant! And when the real Josie signed the paper with her left hand and you mentioned how proud she was to be a lefty, I wondered what that had to do with anything. But now I see how it was foreshadowing for what would come later. Awesome... Keep up the good work!
1/18/2006 c1 GrungeIsDead
OKAY.For one, SHAME ON YOU. You haven't been on in ages. I thoguht that you had forgotten about Fiction Press.For another, welcome back. (This is Amme1212 by the way, I've hcnaged my name like five million times in the time that you've been gone)You have improved immensely since you were on here last. I can't really describe it.I'm rewriting Moonlight, I'm almost finished the first chapter and it's SO much better. Mhm mhm.SO, update soon, m'kay?
1/17/2006 c1 TolkienLover
Well I definitely got chills reading this, I couldn't stop even though my favorite tv show was on... but anyways, I just want to say congrats on freaking me out, especially because of the location! I was definitely confused at the beginning with the seemingly unconnected stories, but it all came together nicely. Great job!
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