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3/21/2011 c23 1Candescence
Aww... I didn't expect this story to make me tear up a bit. When I chose to read this story, I was looking for something light-hearted and fun. Instead, I tripped upon this. I don't mind though. It's a great story. I haven't read a story like this in a long while. Delilah has so much drama, so many guy problems, my gosh. I didn't even know that much could happen. And her brother, I liked him when he was sober. He just reminded me how that really happens with my family as well sometimes. This was a very cute story though. I'm still waiting on Jennie the pizza girl to show up :P
12/30/2010 c1 3AJS
Also, I don't really get how the summary relates to your story.

- Alyssa
12/30/2010 c23 AJS
Honestly, this story seemed all over the place and unfocused. I thought Delilah's personality was a little annoying at times, and there were some pretty unnecessary things that happened and didn't really move the story forward. I also thought more of Andrew's actions should have been explained in the end. Like why he went out with Alicia. And why he hung out with Natalie even when Derrick wasn't looking. Ace's actions should've been explained as well. Well, just Ace in general was really random in the story. Also it would have been nice to know who the notes were coming from. I agree with some other reviewers that Josh and Hana just dropped in and out of the story, but I feel like that was the case for all of the characters excluding Andrew and Delilah.

- Alyssa
12/28/2008 c23 charm en route
Oh, okay.

Here it is:


Hahah :D
12/18/2008 c23 3psycho angel
it was so swet!

totally amazing!
1/3/2008 c23 31Cupid's Jinx
YAY! My computer let me finish reading it! (after many reboots and kicks, but lets not go into too much detail...)

I love, love, LOVED it!

So awesomly amazingly discriptive and just...awesome!



1/1/2008 c6 Cupid's Jinx
Hi, sorry, random...kinda...but, I was reading this, and it won't let me onto the next chapter. Chapter 8, it'll do - it just doesn't seem to like chapter 7...

Don't know if it's just my damn computer screwing up again - but I thought I should point it out, just, you know, in case...

Hm, yeah

So, I really love it so far!

Maybe I should try it tomorrow...



6/14/2007 c23 Chamella
Lovely story, romantic and all...
5/3/2007 c23 5christinaxxyo
CHESY. But, I liked it. I read it all in ONE DAY! (I'm a speed reader so don't think I spent like 7 hours reading... it was only about 2 and a half) I really liked it and though it was a bit cliche, I liked it. Especially all the drama that expected, but not expected at the same time. Wait, did that make sense? Point is: your story was really good and I liked it. =D
4/30/2007 c23 cassy
I loved it! I wanted to slap the people who kept interupting, but oter than that it was spiffy.
4/24/2007 c23 Hana
Dang i havn't read this in so long, i lovedd the ending. :)
4/20/2007 c23 RunBabyRun
Your story is so cute *squeal*, and yeah...Andrew is like the best boyfriend in the world, I'm still in love with Ace, (actually more so with the guy you pictured as Ace! what's his name, where's he from, can I get his number?) he seems so cool, I'd let him cheat on me a million bazillion times if it helped. NOW GO UPDATE!
4/10/2007 c22 carlyatthedisco
4/9/2007 c23 2Sarah D. F. Wall
I really wanted to cry a lot in this. I liked it a lot.

My only beef is that...It seemed very rush. All of these tramautic things just happened with 0 closure. I loved your characters, and to me, that's the redeeming part of any story, but yeah.
4/7/2007 c1 ANGEL992210
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