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for Of All The Hearts That Followed You

4/12/2012 c6 3xKatieDx
Wow, I'm crying. I have know idea what to say.
6/5/2011 c6 ConcreteAngel14
I cried so hard the last chapter! I hope her kom isntnstill married to him? Did Grace ever tell her mom she was raped?
6/28/2006 c3 6Twin Mustang
oh nevermind i thought that you only had that one chapter. but anyways..haha ::embarrassed:: i'm such a dork. good job! i love it. ^^
6/28/2006 c1 Twin Mustang
hmm..this is sad. you portray the emotions in the people so well, even if it's true. the way you use your words just makes everything so clear and real. are you finished though? it doesn't really seem finished..
1/26/2006 c6 12Rhiannon of the Moon
...I am very happy she is at peace and the son of a bitch will be rotting in hell for all eternity.
1/25/2006 c6 11kamma7292
These last two chapters made me cry, seriously. Second time today (I was watching Rory O'Shea Was Here... a really great movie)! You should make this into a book. It's very touching.
1/25/2006 c6 9jessyxyz
I'm glad that this story, though it was terrible, at least had a relatively "good" ending. Great job.
1/25/2006 c5 jessyxyz
Oh, wow...I just read straight through from the first chapter. I applaud you for being strong enough to put your best friend's tragedy into words.
1/24/2006 c4 11kamma7292
I just started reading this, and you're writing is truly amazing. The first chapter was so amazing, beyond beleif.
1/23/2006 c4 12Rhiannon of the Moon
Hey!Um...I am trying to figure out how to review a true event. I feel really bad because your friend seemed like a REALLY nice person. She seemed like the kind of person you could tell ANYTHING to and she wouldn't go and tell anyone else. She DID NOT deserve what happened to her and I feel really bad and deeply sorry for you and her family, along with Mitchell's family that it DID happen. Umm...yeah...well, that was a kind of rant I guess and you probably hear that from everyone who reviews, but, that is what I feel and I do not wish to bore you with the details. :-)
1/22/2006 c2 1Killer Tofu
I cannot even begin to think of how much this means to you. To be able to write down your experience, and hers, and let others read it. Is it for redemption? On her behalf? Will you give an epilogue?
1/22/2006 c2 Lenka Penka
OMG this is SO sad...
1/22/2006 c2 Prettiest Wreck
Wow, this is absolutely powerful and heartbreaking. I'm truly sorry for your loss, and that probably doesn't seem like much, coming from a stranger...but I mean it :) I can't even imagine losing a friend like that.

Please update soon!

1/22/2006 c2 6TruthSpeaker
Wow, this must be hard for you, but it does make for a pretty interesting story...good job even though we know it ends up tragic...
1/21/2006 c1 NO LONGER USING
this is so sad, even more sad because it was true,it was written really well, the characters are really put together well...great job.


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