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for A Day in the Life

4/30/2007 c2 ghufran gufi
a hilarious 2 chapters which really wants ont to read on..

just keep the names simpler and stick to the scene longer, you seem to jump from one place to another...

but awesome use of the red bull thing that was superb.
3/6/2006 c2 23Erimenthy
that was so funny! I cant wait for the next chapter. Keep writing!
1/30/2006 c1 10Raiya Masroor
hey I LOVED YOUR STORY ! both the characters are soo funny seriuosly It made me laugh...i wish u would update though..i am adding u 2 my fave list so i get 2 know when u update...
1/21/2006 c1 1Saucy McRascal
Excellent black comedy. I look forward to more.

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